Queen Palm International Film Festival & Tombstone Pillow

Tombstone Pillow film was shot in one of the toughest places on earth.

Set in the Manila North Cemetery, it tells the story of a 9-year old girl who gives the Philippines ‘ wealthiest widow a tour of a graveyard that thousands of poor people call home, where she discovers what real riches are.

The lead actress Lourdes Duque Baron together with cast and crew came all the way from California for the Philippine shoot, facing the grueling sun and challenging circumstances to deliver a global message.

Tombstone Pillow depicts many hard to watch, yet realistic, scenes of poverty in Manila, including children who sleep on top of tombstones and mausoleums, and families living in extreme poverty while being forced to survive.

It has received massive attention from International film festivals and has a total of 28 nominations and 18 wins. It was screened in various film festivals in Japan, Russia, UK, Europe, Venice, Amsterdam, Manila, Mumbai, Calcutta, California, New York.

The award-winning short film shows how films can become an amazing medium for spreading messages to gain worldwide attention to global poverty, and was able to raise awareness for several prevalent social issues existing in our time.

”Tombstone Pillow” star Lourdes Duque Baron, Kendra Sison De Mesa, Blake Salcedo, Ian Taylor Ignacio, Akram Yesmine Lahmandi, and Cedric Escobar and directed by Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett.

Queen Palm International Film Festival

The Queen Palm International Film Festival is a quarterly film, music, and screenwriting competition with a live Screening and Awards Show event in Palm, Springs, California. It focuses on discovering and honoring films around the world that offer variety. Competitors who make it to the screening would be given the chance to compete for the Queen Supreme Trophy.

It is an IMDB qualifying Film Festival, winners gain the right to use IMDb titles. The film awarding body is on the lookout for diverse filmmakers who provide compelling and unique stories.


List of Awards & Nominations for Tombstone Pillow

  • LA Shorts International Film Festival (Los Angeles)
  • Around Films International Film Festival (Award Winner) (Amsterdam)
  • New York City International Film Festival (Best Actress Nomination)
  • Global Short Film Awards Cannes (Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography(Winner) (Cannes)
  • Global Impact Film Festival in DC ( Nominee)
  • Exit 6 Film Festival (Nominee) ( England)
  • New York Movie Awards (Award-winner)
  • Hollywood Gold Awards (Award-winner) (USA)
  • Venice Film Awards (Award winner) ( Italy)
  • New York City Independent Film Festival (Award winner)
  • Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival (Nominee)
  • Top Indie Film Awards (Japan Screening) (Award Winner)
  • Prague International Monthly Film Festival (Winner) (Czech Republic)
  • All Asian Independent Film Festival (Nominee) (Manila, Philippines)
  • US Hollywood Int’l Golden Film Award (Award Winner)
  • Film for Peace (Award Winner) (Toronto, Canada)
  • Concepcion Independent Film Awards (Award Winner) (Chile)
  • ICP Entertainment Film Festival (Nominee) (USA)
  • Asian Cinematography Awards (Nominee) (Manila, Philippines)
  • New York Cinematography Awards ( Best Cinematographer)
  • Golden Wheat Awards ( Official Selection) ( Turkey)
  • Social Short Antwerp Film festival (Nominee) ( Belgium)
  • Golden Jury Film Academy (Nominee) ( Mumbai, India)
  • Queen Palm International Film Festival ( California)

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