Pinay Wonderwoman Supports a Historic Expedition

Pinay Wonderwoman Ameera Johara stays true to the idealism of ” Wonderwoman” and volunteers her time to promote the ” Piso Isang Kilometro” Cycling Expedition from Luneta to Davao with members from Philippine Bikers Association, Batangas Bikers club and numerous biking groups in the Philippines.

Staying true to her character, Ameera Johara, wants to spread the culture of kindness, awareness, and mindfulness for issues that matter in the Philippines. Wonderwoman is a symbol of courage, faith and unwavering love for mankind.

The My SuperHero Friends Foundation Inc. and 88 Ace Productions invited Ameera Johara and she responded with the aim of helping spread the word about positive advocacies in the Philipines. The cycling expedition is historic, and the set of bikers who will ride is set to accomplish a  historic feat by using fat bike.

My Super Hero Friends Foundation Inc, a local and non-profit organization in the Philippines that has been existing for 10 years now, will be conducting the historical cycling expedition from Luneta to Davao. This will be the first cycling expedition that would make use of the fat bicycle, a feat that was not yet done by biking groups in the Philippines.

The cycling expedition titled “Piso Isang Kilometro” will start on Oct. 27, 2017, from Luneta and will end in Davao City on November 2, 2017.  The donations that will be received because of this event would be given to the beneficiaries and scholars of the foundation.

Together with 6 other riders and a sendoff volunteer biker group of more than 500 people from Luneta to Batangas, they aim to bring awareness about Cancer and to spread the need for financial literacy in the Philippines.  The foundation is focused on training Filipinos to learn how they can create their own wealth and opportunities through an array of methods. The Cycling Expedition is just one way to push through with this mission.

The “ Piso Isang Kilometro”  wants to combine these two advocacies, because in order to sustain the battle against Cancer and other illnesses where financial literacy is needed. If the person can learn how they can rise from poverty, there is a way to resolve any problem that they will encounter later in life. No one needs to feel helpless when it comes to diseases and financial literacy and awareness programs are the keys.

For the past years, My Super Hero Friends Foundation, INC., which was founded by Michael V. Maranan, President of the Maranan Group of Companies, has been active in several programs including the Act of Random Kindness program that provided numerous feeding programs and livelihood programs in different parts of the Philippines. Together with Batangas Bikers Group, the foundation has already provided boats for fishermen that were affected by Yolanda typhoon in 2013. The foundation is also steadfast in providing financial literacy talks in many affiliated schools in Batangas and different regions in the country including the Dumagat Tribe.

Participants of the “Piso Isang Kilometro” Luneta to Davao Cycling Expedition will bring their own bike, and would be tasked to report what is happening along the way. The event will be documented and shared through a live feed.

It will also be televised by local TV stations affiliated digital marketing websites including radio, and newspaper platforms in the Philippines as well as leading content provider composed of premium and top writers and digital marketers in the Philippines.

We Express, a revolutionary app featured last August 2017 by Rated K (ABS-CBN), has promised financial assistance for the beneficiaries through this campaign. According to the official Coordinator of the My Super Hero Friends Foundation Inc., Denise Santos, there is an outpour of support from different parts of the world including Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and London from OFWs.

Companies like IMARK International, a leading digital marketing website and mobile app provider, including e-commerce platform, have also been vocal in their support for the campaign. All the donations that will be sent to the official bank account of the foundation will be given to the first 40 beneficiaries of the foundation and the more than 200 scholars that are affiliated with the foundation.

The Philippine bikers are a symbol of the culture of positivity and kindness and this is just one of the many projects that bikers in the country are supporting. My SuperHero Foundation Inc. is steadfast in creating awareness for different types and forms of diseases that need financial support.

Through the use of encouraging activities, the foundation volunteers including Ameera Johara wants to make a huge impact in the community.

Thank you for Real life superhero volunteers like Ameera Johara for encouraging uplifting activities in the Philippines!






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