Online Meat Delivery in San Fernando La Union

San Fernando La Union has not shied away from progress in the last 10 years. After being declared a City on February 13, 1998, under Congressman Victor F. Ortega, the City of San Fernando which is situated in the mountainous area at the almost midsection of La Union along the China sea became one of the most popular vacations spots in Luzon.

San Fernando La Union is an idyllic place where the sea abounds and where many activities including surfing can be done. San Fernando has grown steadily as education institutions were erected in neighboring towns. Residents are highly educated and imaginative and this leads to the creation of many advanced and progressive business ideas.

During the Covid19 Pandemic Lockdown, most businesses in San Fernando La Union had to adapt to the changing times. One of the families who quickly realized the need for faster meat deliveries decided to create an official Page to cater to the needs of the residents of La Union.

Due to the growing need for a safe meat delivery in San Fernando La Union. The Cariaso family decided to establish a hassle-free delivery service. Since it first opened in March 2020, it was already able to cater to hundreds of customers in the City of San Fernando La Union and San Juan. After the lockdown, the meat delivery service is expected to expand its operations in La Union, by God’s grace and perfect timing.

The owners of San Fernando Meat Delivery understands the importance of setting up an online delivery business for essentials. Meat is essential, it is the basic foundation of food. The business aims to decrease the number of people who need to go to a crowded public market. The goal is to also study how businesses in the province can go digital. It is with the hopes that the efforts of going digital would be sustainable. Together with a social media branding team under Kali Alaia, they proceeded to set up and create one of the first Online Meat Deliveries in the City of San Fernando La Union.

Although the system is not yet perfect, and a mobile application has yet to be developed. Hopes are high, going online and creating another way for people to purchase meat instead of going to the market on a traditional basis is one indication of trying to survive and make use of what is available to business owners. Although there are a lot of buying and sell groups and resellers in La Union. San Fernando Meat Delivery aim to establish a name that people can trust. There are so many bogus sellers out there. Instead of trusting an unknown seller you just met on Facebook groups, without assurance of the quality and cleanliness of the meat. It is better to deal with trusted meat providers who have permits and passed the requirements of the City Veterinary before selling meat to the public.

How to Order Meat Online in San Fernando La Union?

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Porkchop, Pork Spareribs, Boneless, Igado, Liempo, Soup Bones, Petcho, Dinakdakan, Giniling, Pata, Tenga ng Baboy, Puso ng Baboy, Pork Tapa, Bacon Cuts, Ready to Cook Pork Sisig. You can also order Garlic Longganisa and Spicy Longganisa and meat for Pork BBQ preparations.

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