On Choosing to Level Up

Although I have 3,000 Friends on Facebook, I often feel alone- alone in the sense that only 2 or 3 people are able to align with my thoughts. I don’t recognize my old self, I have changed so much- I don’t hang out with the same people, my crowd has changed considerably. A long time ago, I used to lie on the grass- I used to travel with artists and strangers- and now I am sipping wine with the best minds in the world- the Lord has changed my Life considerably- when I called Jesus Christ in the wilderness- I was heard- definitely- as I could no longer explain the series of changes that have happened in my life. At first, I thought it was the Law of Attraction- that something changed and clicked inside my brain- but the longer I was at it- the deeper the search I began to realize that this was the brain child of God- our Creator and Nobody else- like the Author Lourdes Duque Baron would say- it is Scripted in Heaven. A portal opened up and I was forever- changed- in every possible way.

Something just clicked, and my entire life was changed. I used to live in a small town, and my life was built on creating small events, concerts- I had only 300 networks maybe less- and I remember standing inside a shopping mall, wondering if my life was so simple, so basic that everything looked and felt the same. I remember standing inside this mall inside an unknown province wishing that I had over 1,000 contacts to wishing I knew 4 people who are billionaires until a series of events occurred and I am already here- ascended- very different.

I felt the need to write about it, because everything is going too fast- and after years of committing mistake, losing people, understanding my real self- the real journey has started. The higher I go, the higher the number of information, knowledge- the lesser the crowd and amount of people and energies I am in contact with- I barely recognize my old life, and I hardly remember- as I am continuously changed- my mind keeps on maturing, the cells in my brain have re-arranged themselves and I am now so New- I don’t recognize myself when I look into the mirror- A new me was ushered in-

I write because this is the time period where I feel most alone in human contact- I know I am never alone as higher beings are with me, guiding me daily. I pray to God , in the name of Jesus Christ 20 to 40 minutes daily- and I know that God has sent Angels all over so I never really feel that I am alone. There are Higher Beings- Minds, assisting me in this Journey- it is only the physical, human contact that is lacking. The higher I go, the higher the dimension the weirder the translation is. To adapt to regular people I strive to make normal conversations over coffee- it gets a bit hard because that is not what I want to talk about- I see different levels of economic progress, frequency and progression but I cannot talk about it, with just about anyone in the world- not even my Mother as I would be completely misunderstood. Business wise, I am grateful for this one person who was sent to me, for communication and training purposes- I have someone I can talk to regards to economic situations, training and plans. And on the relationship side- I have a being sent to me to discuss and remind me of Love. Not the Physical love as I hardly yearn for it anymore, I am still human I have urges but it hardly visits me or controls me- something else is on the horizon of my mind- God has sent in 2 people to Guide me and Send me love during the toughest isolation times- my mind is being prepared for a mission I know it- I have intercepted the message ” Ushering of the Golden Age of the Philippines”- not a lot of people understand me when I say it, it seems far out, too complex or not within their frequency. If this was a radio station I know that only 2 or 3 people are switched on to my channel. I know there are more people like me- but they are scattered in different parts of the globe and we will all meet one day.

Give Up the Need to Be Understood

One of the many things that I need to give up- is wasting my time needing to be understood- as it takes away vital time to do actual things. This is why I am writing this down, because my thoughts will be important or useful after 5 years or more- as it is my understanding that the information I am receiving is very far ahead of its time.

Take my word for it, there is a Great Transformation that will Happen in the Philippines and God and His Spiritual Team will Usher That in.

April 30, 2019, 4:28 AM Makati

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