OFW Loans with no Collateral: What You Need To Know

Despite the existence of banks that provide lending opportunities as well as the government. A lot of OFWs are still at a loss and confused as to how they can get an easier way to fund their business and other financial pursuits. If you are an OFW and you need capital for your new business venture, or you want a loan to purchase a house, then finding a loan should not be a hard thing to do.

There are now so many legitimate OFW loan providers in the Philippines who offer interesting rates, minus the headache of processing. Instead of wasting precious time processing a loan for so many months, you can make the process faster by choosing SACC OFW loans.

Companies like SACC loans are stable and understand the power and legitimacy of OFWs, there is over $24.5 billion worth of remittances being received worldwide in 2017, making lenders like SACC OFW loans more confident in allowing OFWs to borrow cash.

Upon the endorsement of trusted loan providers like loan consultant Richard Rapera, OFW applicants can experience the efficient one-day loan processing. Unlike banks, loan consultants from SACC loans come from the local community.

They understand the unique situation of OFWs as well as the culture, and because of these the agents from SACC are much more willing to listen to your concerns and provide a much better lending environment.
SACC loans have focused on getting loan agents that know and understand the situation of OFW’s, in doing so they can better understand how they can be of help to empowering Pinoys on how they can manage their finances better.

SACC loan consultants make full use of Facebook and internet marketing, making them accessible and approachable. Questions regarding the OFW loan are answered in real time.

What d0 you need to provide when asking for a loan?

To make your loan transaction faster, get a direct endorsement from top loan agents like Richard Rapera. Mr. Rapera has extensive years of providing loans and is one of the most trusted by the company. All that you need to do is message him your full name, location, salary, contact number and date of departure to 09565107932, 09215609073

How much is the interest rate?

The interest rate is only at 1.99% for the OFW loans.

Who is qualified to apply?

The OFW loan is applicable for OFWs who are going outside the country, or first timer OFWs who are currently on a vacation.  The process is fast, there is no CI, and no need for collateral, there is also no PDC needed making it one of the easiest and effective ways to get immediate OFW loans.

Terms and Conditions for OFW Loans

Payment terms are 3 to 12 months and payment methods are through Cebuana, MLhuillier, and UCPB loanable amount is up to 100% to 200% basic salary. Basic salary must be at 20,000 and up.

Submit photocopies of the application form, passport and working visa, additional government ID’s,  Proof of residence or any documents that will provide name and address of home abroad. Your latest electric or water bill even if not under your name. Latest or valid contract or certificate of employment including your flight details and plane ticket. Submit Latest OEC or exemption and 2×2 picture.

If you are a returning OFW, provide your last 2 months payslip or remittance slips. If you are a co-borrower if you do not have work, if you are the husband or wife, parent or child of someone working abroad aged 21 to 59 years old you need to appear in the office and bring 2 valid government ID’s, marriage certificate of your spouse. 2×2 picture and proof of residents. Submit all of these requirements from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday and 9 am to 3 pm during Saturday to make the loan processing easier.

With SACC OFW loans achieve peace of mind knowing that you have done your part in making sure that the financial security of your family members and loved ones are secure.
For more information with regards to other types of loans that SACC Loans is offering you can also visit www.quickfinanceloan.com

 SACC Loans Main Office:

5th Floor Strate 2000 Building Emerald Ave Ortigas Center, look for Loan Consultant Mr. Richard Rapera.

Visit their main FB page: https://www.facebook.com/ofwloanonedayprocess/

For further inquiries.


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