New York City Independent Film Festival & Tombstone Pillow Movie

Tombstone Pillow is New York City Independent Film Festival Official Finalist.

The 12-minute short film now has 25 International Award Nominations and 18 wins in total.

List of Awards & Nominations:

  • LA Shorts International Film Festival (Los Angeles)
  • Around Films International Film Festival (Award winner) (Amsterdam)
  • New York City International Film Festival (Best Actress Nomination)
  • Global Short Film Awards Cannes (Best Screenplay and Best Cinematography(Winner) (Cannes)
  • Global Impact Film Festival in DC ( Nominee)
  • Exit 6 Film Festival (England) (Nominee)
  • New York Movie Awards (Award-winner)
  • Hollywood Gold Awards (Award-winner)
  • Venice Film Awards (Award winner)
  • New York City Independent Film Festival (Award winner)
  • Morehouse College Human Rights Film Festival (Nominee)
  • Top Indie Film Awards (Japan Screening) (Award winner)
  • Prague International Monthly Film Festival (Winner)
  • All Asian Independent Film Festival (Nominee) (Manila, Philippines)
  • US Hollywood Int’l Golden Film Award (Award Winner)                      
  • Film for Peace (Award Winner) (Toronto, Canada)
  • Concepcion Independent Film Awards (Award Winner) (Chile)
  • ICP Entertainment Film Festival (Nominee)
  • Asian Cinematography Awards (Nominee)
  • New York Cinematography Awards ( Best Cinematographer)
  • Golden Wheat Awards ( Official Selection) ( Turkey)
  • Social Short Antwerp Filmfestival (Nominee)

The movie is about a 9-year old girl who gives the Philippines wealthiest widow a tour of a graveyard that thousands of poor people call home, where she discovers what real riches are.


Lack of proper housing and education remains one of the biggest issues that human rights activists are tackling today. The film wants to highlight real social issues happening in the film’s location- the Manila North Cemetery with the hopes of awakening the awareness of many- so a solution can be arrived at.

New York City Independent Film Festival

New York Independent Film Festival ( NYCIndieFF) is a celebration of the hard work of Independent filmmakers all over the world. The festival features documentaries, short and feature length-films including animation. It encourages fresh and unique ways of storytelling, and one of the main goal is to find artist filmmakers and collaborating with them for future projects in NYC.

The next official screenings will be held in Time Square, New York on May 16-May 23, 2021.

Cast & Crew ( Tombstone Pillow)

Executive Producer: Timeless Entertainment Inc.
Directed by: Dream Team Directors ( Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett)
Starring: Lourdes Duque Baron, Kendra Sison De Mesa, Ian Taylor Ignacio, Akram Yesmine Lahmandi, Blake Salcedo and Cedric Escobar
Screenplay by: Fraser Kee Scott

Story by: Daniel Lir, Bayou Bennett and Fraser Scott
Director of Photography: Mycko David
Editor: Bella Jones
Music: Hagay Mizrahi
Production Design: Marielle Hizon
Team Manager: Nina Ortencio
Digital Marketing: Christel Payseng
PR/ Media Relations: Maria Urduja Osit Li
Production Team: Rorie Baron and Jong Tabtab


Tombstone Pillow is already available in Amazon Prime UK

Link for Amazon Prime UK :

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