Music Review: Bad Girl by Lourdes Duque Baron

” Bad Girl”, the latest song from Lourdes Duque Baron’s album shows that there is no shortage of alpha women in the world of music. The singer exudes confidence in this new song, and this is what makes the music sound timeless. Her music reflects the ability to work with songs that are fun, bright and enjoyable to listen to.

“Bad Girl” is fearless, it is lit with power and identity. It is easy to see why the song will encourage hip-swaying, the songs allow you to get lost in the music and just feel the momentum reverberating in your soul. Each album released by Lourdes Duque Baron depicts insight and curiosity that allowed her to elevate her work.  Through the years, the listener is transported to different stories- like a true chameleon adapting and improving.

Lourdes Duque Baron’s music is described by fans as sexy, sultry and fun. She never shies away from experimentation,  and has welcomed different genres even hip-hop and now EDM influence on her latest music undertakings. Every album that she takes on reflects a new persona, and  ” Bad Girl” is one of the strongest songs that she has released- Lourdes Duque Baron strives to be innovative and avoids cliche- her new album displays her growth as an artist personally and professionally- She once again proves that there is no such thing as boring in her music- and even in her personal life.

Lourdes Duque Baron songs now available in Japan!



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