Who will be the next Ms. Amazing Golden Heart Queen of 2019 | Pangasinan News

The advocacy group Amazing Golden Heart has unveiled its plans of coming up with a yearly event called Ms. Amazing GoldenHeart Gay. The founder Arlene Morgan, has expressed the need to create a contest that would raise awareness for the environment, as well as community issues with the help of an event that involves the LGBT community.

Gay pageants can be meaningful for the community.  The Amazing GoldenHeart Gay pageant is set to occur in April of 2019. The rules and regulations are currently being decided on by the Elected officials of the Amazing Golden Heart Group. The Amazing Golden Heart Group is steadfast with its mission to transform Mangatarem, Pangasinan and other areas in the Philippines one event at a time.

Pangasinan is the home of some of the most talented people in the country. By creating a series of events,  the group hopes to help boost the tourism and work opportunities for people in Pangasinan.  A beauty pageant can also be a way for people to help the community.

The contestants of the gay pageant will participate in the gift-giving activities of the group. Each of the contestants can have a role in the selection of the school that would be benefitted by the event. Contestants from the pageant will also be distributing school supplies and joining environmental awareness projects including the planting of Ylang Ylang.

In the official Facebook page of the Amazing Golden Heart Group, they posted for the search for the next Queen for 2019.  Who will be the next Ms. Amazing GoldenHeart Gay Queen of 2019? According to them, a real queen is not only beautiful but is also someone graceful and kind. The contestants for the Ms. Amazing GoldenHeart Gay contestants will help in charitable works including feeding programs.

Real Beauty Queens help transform the world into a beautiful place doing good deeds.

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