Lourdes Duque Baron’s Romantic and Sophisticated Song ” Table for Two”

Lourdes Duque Baron music is soothing and brings joy to the weary soul. The song ” Table for Two” is described by music review critics as a perfect romantic film song. Lourdes Duque Baron with her exquisite vocals bring eloquence and grace for music lovers worldwide. The collaboration between multi-platinum music producer Andrew Lane combines the impact and charm of the 50s and 60s jazz.

Andrew Lane is a hip-hop, pop and R&B songwriter and record producer. He has worked with Backstreet Boys, and R&B artists Keith Sweat and Alsou. He is also behind the success of the songs included in High School Musical, Hannah Montana, Disneymania and Manny Fresh.

The music collaboration between Lourdes Duque Baron and Andrew Lane is truly magical, the music they produce is described as passionate, sophisticated and with traditional jazz that is mixed well with contemporary sound.

Listen to the song:

” Table for Two” is an original song that Andrew Lane specifically wrote for Lourdes Duque Baron. The song suited her deep vocals and Lourdes Duque Baron was able to give justice to it. The song is playful and offers listeners a warm and delicate intimacy.

” Table for Two” is going to woo anyone who listens to it, the song is versatile and becomes even more vibrant due to the performance of Lourdes Duque Baron. The song ” Table for Two” is simply ” timeless”. While listening you can imagine yourself getting transported to a dim yet romantic lounge, you can picture yourself enjoying the moonlight while clinging your glasses to red wine. ” Table for Two” is a masterpiece and deserves to be a part of the Modern Era Collection for Music.

Lourdes Duque Baron has performed the song in the upstairs jazz lounge at Vitello’s Restaurant in Studio City , California back in 2014 together with Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Ron Ellington Shy.

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