Lourdes Duque Baron music now available on TIDAL a global music streaming platform owned by Jay-Z

Lourdes Duque Baron music just keeps getting better and better releasing one amazing song after the other. Only recently Timeless Entertainment Inc. made an announcement that the music albums of International musician Lourdes Duque Baron can now be streamed in the global music streaming and entertainment platform TIDAL.

Lou Baron has already collaborated with some of the best musicians the world has known including Latin Grammy Award winner Miguel Angel Valenzuela Morales ” Miguelito”, X-factor USA finalist AKNU and rock band Burning Red to name a few. In 2019, she also released the song “MINDSET: WAR ON POVERTY” that featuring famous rappers in the Philippines Shanti Dope, Aklas to name a few.

Only recently, she just finished recording the Italian song ” HURT”, fans are going to be delighted and entranced as Lourdes Duque Baron enters a new territory.

Lourdes Duque Baron worked with Hagay Mizrahi also known in his stage name as ‘ Gemini Muziq”. Hagay Mizrahi is an American- Israeli Musician, record producer, and songwriter. Gemini Muziq worked with many notable Israeli artists like Eyal Golan, Arkadi Duchin, Subliminal including Shotei Hanevua. Mizrahi has also worked with Mario Barret, Poo Bear, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Bieber.

His collaboration together with Poo Bear impressed Justin Bieber, and it ended being a title song for the album that sold 4 times platinum. Hagay Mizrahi also contributed to the Award-winning film that Lourdes Duque Baron starred in ” Tombstone Pillow” together with Dream Team Directors.

What is TIDAL?

TIDAl is an artist-owned global music streaming and entertainment platform that aims to bring artists and fans together by bringing in unique and refreshing content. It is available in 53 countries, and also offers 250,000 high-quality videos, offering a premium option for fans who want to experience more.

TIDAL offers artists, musicians and industry experts as well as music journalists exclusive content. The artist owners include Beyonce, Coldplay, Daft Punk, Nicki Minja, Jay Z, Damian Marley, Lil Wayne, Usher and many others who support the platform.

TIDAL X programs connect artists directly to their fans, it also includes one-of-a-kind live shows, events, artists, meet and greets, and concert tickets for TIDAL members. Not only that TIDAL also allows fan interactions and targeted messages for true music fans. Some of the famous contents streamed live by TIDAL include the Rihanna runway show in Paris by The FENTY and Chance The Rapper’s Magnificent Coloring Day Music Festival.

Timeless Entertainment Inc.

Timeless Entertainment Inc., headed by CEO Lourdes Duque Baron is committed to providing high-quality music and experiences for their fans. Lou Baron’s music is described by music lovers as exceptionally compelling, absorbing and rich, it is a genuine piece of work.

Lourdes Duque Baron’s music is timeless and contemporary, the instrumental interludes and tempo shifts are pure joy. Her songs contain warmth, sincere vocals accompanied by fantastic songwriting.

Sign up on Tidal now and listen to refreshing music and wonderful content!


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