Lourdes Duque Baron & the Iconic EastWest Studios

Imagine recording inside the studio where Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson recorded the albums that helped shape music and films as we know it?


EastWest Studios has created so many Grammy nominees and winners through the years. It shaped American Television and films. The studio was used to record the soundtrack for The Beverly Hillbillies, Green Acres ,The Godfather, Original Soundtrack of Mission Impossible, Grease including Hawaii Five-O and Ricky Nelson’s Fools Rush In”.

The studio has a lasting impact to whoever is able to record in here. The place has inspired countless of artists like Lourdes Duque Baron to take their musical craft seriously.

Visualize yourself walking through the portals of time, imagine recording inside a studio where The Beach Boys, Nirvana and Rolling Stones literally sang and wrote their songs as you prepare yourself to conquer your greatest challenge yet— to create a new music album that would create a mark in the music industry.

EastWest Studios has the Sinatra, Crosby and Elvis Presley History– anyone and everyone came through this studio at one point in time. The lovely Barbara Streisand performed The Way We Were here and Peggy Lee did Is that All There Is?”.

There are literally millions of aspiring artists, song composers and music producers who dream of getting the chance to record in an awe inspiring studio like the EastWest Studios, which is why Lourdes Duque Baron knew by instinct that music is going to be a part of her journey, it was meant to be.

In early 2014, pop, hip-hop and R& B record producer and song writer Andrew Lane known for his work with Backstreet Boys, Disney franchise Hannah Montana and High School Musical did a collaboration between Lourdes Duque Baron and AKNU. It was the right time, it had all the right elements.

Lourdes Duque Baron had the glamorous Hollywood talent in her, the purity and the joy of creating inspiring music- a sharing spirit.

AKNU brothers was the most promising trio group back in 2014, reaching 15 Million views for their performance of the song ” Valerie” at the X-Factor USA and getting featured at the Italian Vogue-

Collaboration of GREAT TALENTS is what it takes to WIN BIG!!!

Fans and music critics were quick to notice about the hot new energy that was created by the collaboration and the song “ Me & Mr. Jones” became an instant hit, a breakthrough album of the year at the Los Angeles Music Awards.

The song gained the most nods at the Los Angeles and Phoenix Music Awards, including Records of the Year for her single ” Feeling Good At Any Age”, Hot AC Artist, Female Vocalist of the Year and Best Musical single and Group.

Dream Team Directors was hired by Andrew Lane to work on the official MV of Me& Mr. Jones
Winner ! Breakthrough Album 2014 -LA Music Awards

The entire 2014 recording session was truly unique, memorable and satisfying. This led Lourdes Duque Baron to pursue her music career, and as they say the rest is history. After the successful breakthrough album Lou Baron showed no signs of stopping and continues to create epic sound recordings.

Today many established artists continue to record at EastWest Studios. It remains a recording empire, with a miniature concert hall, complemented by smaller rooms. The recording equipment that were kept in the studios were also on part with the excellence of the room and the history of the studio itself.

The lasting impression of EastWest Studios and literally being the only Filipina to have ever recorded and shot a music video here has given Lourdes Duque Baron a staying power- a will to outdo her previous performances- not just in the music industry but also in the business of book publishing and film making.

Lou Baron was 67 years old when she first recorded the song ” Me & Mr. Jones” at the EastWest Studios, today she is already 73 years old and preparing for her first directorial film in the USA. 7 years later, she looks even more dashing and lovely by the grace of God and the rejuvenating effect of stem cells-

Lou Baron continues on the path to giving the world even more joyful and passionately crafted music!

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