Lock & Lock Philippines: Insulated Tumblers & Travelzone Collection

The demand for high end kitchenware and luxury travel bags and items have increased. With the economic surge and growing economy of the Philippines global brands like Lock & Lock Philippines have also expanded their line and vision to cater to more design and quality product savvy Filipinos.

Lock & Lock Flagship Store at the Level 6 East Wing, Shangri-la Mall partnered with the local media and influential online bloggers and introduced their new line of food storage solutions and latest collection for Travel in Style.

LOCK & LOCK FASHION: Travel in Style presented their newest ambassador, known for her social media presence and engaging lifestyle tips- Janeena Chan.

Janeena Chan was selected as the official LOCK & LOCK Ambassador for Travel in Style on April 27, 2019, 5pm at East Atrium Shangri-La Mall. Lock & Lock is warming up to the influence and power of social media- and the ability of online influencers to present their products in the most effective way possible. Lock & Lock is a Global brand that creates sturdy and high quality products from Insulated Tumblers to Luxury Travel Bags.

During the event TV & Events Host Christine Bersola-Babao was also present to discuss and reveal the new travel accessories and latest collection of Insulated Vacuum Tumblers. Christine Bersola-Babao happily glided through the Lock&Lock products and was thoroughly impressed by the features the tumblers provide. She had an on the spot Live Feed and discussed the benefits of using Lock& Lock products.

Lock & Lock gained worldwide reputation after releasing the Lock & Lock Vacuum Tumblers. This is the first of its kind, a tumbler that can keep your favorite drinks hot or cold for at least 6 hours. Given the right conditions, the Tumbler can even preserve the freshness of the drink for 12 hours or more. The Lock & Lock Tumbler is perfect for the Filipino millennial go-getter. It also supports the environmental advocacy of lessening the use of plastics for drinking water. The tumblers are guaranteed to withstand the test of time.

The Lock & Lock Tumblers come with double insulation walls and patented triple layer insulation cap. It also have an anti-slip silicon bottom to prevent accidental slips and comes with impressive detachable tea filter. All of their products are made from high quality food grade Stainless Steel.

Lock&Lock brand, Travelzone:

During the event they also took the time to present the range of travel accessories they currently have. This will include of a series of luggage accessories and containers to store things while travelling. Right from phones to shoes, from suits to intimate wear, Travelzone provides solutions which are travel-friendly and innovative. These travel products from Travelzone by Lock&Lock will make your travel experience easier and better than ever. Here are the innovative products in the range of travel accessories of Travelzone by Lock&Lock.

  • Smart Bag
  • Lunch Bag Set
  • Cooler Bag  
  • Air Waist Pillow
  • Clothes Pouch Space Saver Storage Bag
  • Concealed Security Waist Pouch Bag
  • 3D Convex Eye Mask Soft Sleep Eye Mask
  • Shoes Tote Bag
  • Travel Bag Storage Pouch
  • Travel Shirts Case Pouch
  • Travel Mesh Pouch Toiletries Storage Bag
  • Travel Luggage
  • Travel Luggage Cover

To date, the Lock&Lock brand launches over 700 different products. This means that two products are being developed every day! The brand has also created a strong presence in over 110 countries, letting more and more people experiencing the Lock&Lock brand. Lock&Lock brand is very committed to promoting the welfare of its customers which is why it upholds very stringent safety standards when it comes to its products. Lock&Lock uses environment-friendly materials that will not harm the health of the customers and the environment.

Lock&Lock has been recognized globally as a brand that consistently delivers superior quality products. Lock&Lock has gained ISO 9001 and 14001 accreditations indicating that the brand has met the highest quality manufacturing and environmental systems and procedures.

Explore the latest trends at Lock&Lock Philippines Flagship Stores and impress everyone with the amazing range of products and travel accessories that Lock&Lock showcases. Enjoy your summer season with your new travel buddy, LOCK&LOCK Insulated Vacuum and Stainless Steel Tumblers and Travelzone by LOCK&LOCK by enjoying the security and pleasure of storage while you make that exotic trip. #locknlockfashion #locknlocktravelinstyle #lock&locktravelfinds #lock&locktravelinstylepresscon #lock&locktravelinstyleblogcon

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