Life Changing Face Transplant | New Lease on Life for a 26 Year Old in California

10 years ago it would have been science fiction to hear someone getting a face transplant, but with the advent of technology getting one is no longer impossible and the success rate is immense. For one 26- year old it meant everything, the successful face transplant of Cameron Underwood has allowed him to get his life back. After the face transplant, he is able to go back golfing,  restoring cars and even sky-diving.

After a June 2016 injury he was left without the majority of his lower jaw, nose, and teeth and suffered from an impaired eyesight, his speech and mouth function were also affected. But after he became an NYU Langone Health’s second-ever face transplant recipient he was given a second chance at life.

He was so ecstatic with the results, being able to live like a normal person again with face intact is something that no one can devalue.  He expressed that he feels like himself now and that every time he looks in the mirror he sees his eyes and face. Thankfully his insurance company signed on with this surgery as more and more insurance companies are recognizing special medical procedures such as this. About a third of his medical costs totaling $1.5 million was covered by insurance, and with grant funding and philanthropic help, he was given a new chance in life. He just spends 37 days in the hospital compared with the first face transplant receiver of NYU who stayed for 62 days. They also used 3D surgical planning and printing to make his operation look seamless.

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The CEO of FGAAA and Timeless Entertainment Inc.  Lou Baron experienced depression and struggle herself when she lost her son Gregg,  she suffered from hair loss due to extreme stress that was brought about by the loss of her child. She could identify with the struggles that people undergo when their motivation is affected, which is why they have added services like a Non-Autologous hair transplant. Like the recipient of a face transplant, the breakthroughs of what hair transplant can do should not be underestimated.

Being able to face the world again with full confidence is important- the scientific breakthroughs brought about by Stem Cell technology has helped countless individuals to gain their lives back.  The benefits are internal, they involve breathing life to the Spirit- giving back the confidence of a person to undergo life again- Face transplant and Hair transplants are here to give a holistic change to a person- if your Spirit is boosted and earns help through technology you can extend your life purpose- life begins to have meaning again. This is what happened to Lou Baron and this is what FGAAA treatments are all about.

Non-Autologous Hair Transplant

FGAAA is offering a highly sophisticated option for people who want relief from hair loss.  The clinic has a significant and improved understanding of hair loss and cosmetic hair restoration and has revolutionized the approach to surgical hair restoration. It is all about offering a solution that will have a natural appearance and lead to high patient satisfaction and safety.

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Feeling Good At Any Age The One- Stop Rejuvenation Center in California is always looking for ways to improve customer experience. The Clinic is known for offering stem cell therapy options and continue to find cutting-edge solutions even those that involve cosmetic procedures.

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