Leukemia Symptoms | How Stem Cells Can Help

What are the symptoms of Leukemia?

Leukemia is a form of cancer that occurs in the blood, it affects the bone marrow and the lymphatic system. There are different types of leukemia that currently exist and it usually involves the white blood cells of the body. People with leukemia produce an abnormal amount of white blood cells and they don’t function correctly.

The usual symptoms of Leukemia are recurring fever or chills, persistent fatigue,  sudden weight loss, swollen lymph nodes, and recurrent nosebleeds. People with leukemia might also suffer from easy bleeding or bruising and tiny red spots on their skin as well as excessive sweating at night. They can also feel bone pain and tenderness, the person suffering from leukemia might also be prone to more infections since their immune system has a much harder time recovering.

The current methods for curing Leukemia remains complex and chemotherapy remains problematic for many leukemia patients since their immune system is weakened and compromised.  For this reason, medical experts and clinicians are looking for a better solution and are now looking into the power of alternative treatments like Stem Cell Therapy.

Stem Cell Transplantation

Stem cell transplantation also called a bone marrow transplant is currently one of the treatments that are highly recommended for Leukemia patients. Its basis comes from that fact that blood cells and immune cells arise from stem cells. The procedure allows chemotherapy to succeed in the patient’s body and reduces the chances of weakening the immune system while doing so.

With the help of stem cell transplantation a person can receive a higher dose of radiation therapy, it would be then followed by stem cell transplant. A donor’s stem cells are then transfused into the Leukemia patients blood.  The donor for these stem cells can come from a patients brother or sister, but if a sibling is not available, the hospital will find a match. Using this process, new cells can grow and provide a fresh supply of red cells and white cells in the body including platelets.

What are the Types of Stem Cell Transplantation

There are 4 Types of Stem Cell Transplantation, the first one is Autologous wherein the stem cells will come from persons own body. Allogeneic, on the other hand, is stem cells taken from a healthy donor. While Reduced-intensity stem cell transplantation is much like allogeneic transplant, only that the chemotherapy that would be given to the patient would be less intense.  The fourth kind of stem cell transplantation is what they call as syngeneic transplantation, this is very rare because this is only used for identical twins.

How to know if you can be a candidate for Stem Cell Transplantation?

The best way is to consult medical experts, doctors will explain the factors that are behind the stem cell transplantation process. Doctors would need to check your overall health, your age and medical condition as well as the availability of donor before proceeding.

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