LED Swimming Pool Lights: Best Supplier in the Philippines with 5 Year Warranty

History of Swimming Pool Lighting Innovation

LED swimming pool lights is a modern innovation, it was created after the post-war era together with different pool amenities and innovations that define the modern-day swimming pools that we use today. After the war, we were able to shift our energy towards creating inventions that catered to enjoyment purposes and LED swimming lights is one of them.

Today LED swimming LED lights are necessary additions to luxury swimming pools. It became a huge hit in France and in the United States and is now making its way to Filipino homes. LED swimming pool lights came from the imagination and need of people to have creative integration of pools in the home and commercial architecture- it is our quest to create beautiful and practical innovations that make life easier and worthwhile.

During the 50’s only the affluent are able to have swimming pools in their own backyard, but as the number of high income earning individuals have increased through the centuries- modern day pools have now become a usual part of most real estate properties anywhere in the world. As the economy continues to progress, we are starting to see more resorts and modern-day backyard pools being constructed in Philippine towns and regions that previously did not have them. It would no longer be an exaggeration to say, that it is no longer impossible for Filipinos to dream and include swimming pools in their home design.

Evolution of Swimming Pools

The pool industry underwent a lot of changes and adaptation before coming up with the swimming pools that we know and use. The swimming pool features like LED swimming pool lights is included in the innovation, it all started from Fiber optic lighting as an alternative to costly traditional pool lighting and now the Diamond LED Pool lights.

Diamond LED Pool Light

Diamond LED lights were invented to cater to the needs of modern day consumers and commercial property owners. Today, people want additional design and features in their pools.

The rise of social media and the need for Instagram worthy shoots led to an increase in the need for swimming pool renovations of top Philippine resorts and hotel swimming pools. People nowadays want more than just the basic swimming pool, they demand a certain kind of mood and feel whenever they go for a dip.

Diamond LED lights offer varied outdoor experience and were designed to help increase real estate value by improving the features of swimming pools. It is a solution for property owners who are in need of creative expansion. Diamond LED swimming pool lights to make the act of dipping in the pool more special. It is usually installed in swimming pools to make it look more sophisticated.

No one wants to Swim in a Dark Swimming Pool

Diamond LED lights for swimming pools are also installed as a safety feature. No one really wants to dip in a swimming pool that is dark, but when you add in Diamond LED pool lights you make the atmosphere inviting- not to mention inspiring. People who find it too hot to swim in the daylight can just opt to have a dip in the pool at night with the help of bright and well lit Diamond LED lights. Adding Diamond LED pool lights help brighten the night- it adds zest and fun to the experience.

Create and Set the Mood

LED pool lighting creates a supreme backyard ambiance and improves safety for night time swimming for your family and friends. It has the ability to create a spark like an effect on the nighttime water surface, it will turn your swimming pool into a vibrant, mood enhancing color. It adds a romantic drama and aura to the pool environment. LED lights can also have a spillover luminescence that helps brighten the whole yard. Lift the mood of the pool in an instant and add playful color effects that can suit different events and occasion. Make any swimming pool holiday ready with the help of festive colored lights.

Incandescent Bulb Vs. Diamond LED Pool Lights

Incandescent bulb lights wouldn’t be able to offer several features that make Diamond LED pool lights awesome. Incandescent bulb lights are used by traditional pools and do not provide high-aesthetic and control options- it is considered as old-school lighting.

Diamond LED Pool Lights

Diamond LED pool lights are energy savers, and energy efficient- It has an impressive built-in heat that keeps it cool leading to a brighter and longer life.

LED lights are perfect for in-ground or above ground swimming pools- they can illuminate your pool well and makes it perfect for night swims. Diamond LED pool lights are long lasting, it can last from 7 to 15 years before you need to swap them out or change their bulb. It means many years of peace of mind.

Diamond LED lights are very bright, only 1 or 2 LED units for brightness can already illuminate a good part of the pool. The Diamond LED Pool lights that Crystal Blue Enteprises Inc. is offering comes with an impressive 5-year Warranty- they are the only company in the world offering this kind of warranty!

Energy Saving & Efficient

LED lights were designed to surpass incandescent light bulb, it is a new kind of technology that will benefit the owners in the long run. You can save up to 86% of energy costs, without compromising the light intensity.

It offers an impressive color splash- color-changing LED technology that transforms the backyard in an instant. LED lights create a mood and it perfect for creating certain types of themes for the holidays. It makes swimming pools look high-end.

LED pool lights offer optimum visibility that is desirable for swimmers and spectators and they are also perfect as additions for any commercial establishment that wants to make their swimming pool look more enticing and inviting to clients.

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc.

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. is offering a revolutionary kind of Diamond LED pool lights. It is 100% waterproof and comes with 316 stainless steel, it is also Zero air and comes with an impressive True color technology. Pool owners can enjoy 16 fix and color changing programs, that come with a wide angle and super bright pool light.

The Diamond LED pool lights that they are installing give a deep, vibrant and bright color that creates an amazing mood for night swimming. It is also low maintenance and could fit into most conventional pool light housings.

Crystal Blue Enteprises Inc.

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. is Philippines #1 Professional Pool Care Company, it has 60 years of combined experience in water treatment and already opened its office in Guangzhou, China to serve the international market.

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. offers professional services for swimming pool construction including drinking water treatment, the exportation of ultra slim 3-year warranty LED pool lights, solar power for industrial motors and irrigation system.

The company has numerous projects in Forbes Park, Dasmarinas Village Makati, North Greenhills, Whiteplains, Ayala Alabang, Greenmeadows and more.

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. also offer other types of services including swimming pool and water treatment construction, creation of healing pool systems, drinking water treatment and distribution as well as wave ball installation and repair.

The company has installed the first WaveBall in the Philippines which was proudly made in Belgium. Crystal Blue Enteprises Inc. is already a trusted name in the industry. Their list of clients includes Mr. Ernesto Tanmantiong CEO of Jollibee Foods Corporation, Mayor Danilo Tan of Tarangnan, Samar, and Cong. Rodolfo Fariñas.

Philippines Office:


Eastwood Parkview 2, Orchard Road, Bagumbayan, Quezon City, Philippines.


yourpoolwecare@gmail.com  or advancewatertreatment.sales@gmail.com

Official Website: http://crystalblue.com.ph/

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