Latin Grammy Award Winner ” Miguelito” Coming Soon in the Philippines!

The words ” Nothing is Impossible” is something that you can associate with International Artist ” Lourdes Duque Baron”. She is able to dream and manifest some of the biggest collaborations there is. Truly, she shows no signs of stopping!

Grammy Award Miguelito and Lourdes Duque Baron have already collaborated in the past for Let’s Stay together for the song ” Get Down” from Timeless Entertainment, Inc. Label. But knowing the tenacious and intensely passionate artist Lou Baron- there are never ending ways to create- and go beyond what is imaginable.

Miguelito  also known as Migue Angel Valenzuala Morales, is a Puerto Riccan reggaeton singer. He has already released seven albums worldwide and is the youngest Latin Grammy Award winner who is certified by the Guinness Book of Records.

Miguelito has already toured in Ecuador, Columbia, Dominican Republic and the U.S and is now in a series of talks with Timeless Entertainment, Inc. to have an epic Rap and Hip Hop performance in the Philippines with some of the best in the industry.

Miguelito has already worked with some of the best in the music industry and was awarded together with the likes of Shakira and Kelly Clarkson. He has also worked with the famous ‘reggetonero” Daddy Yankee. The epic rap battle is set to make history in the Philippines with different types of musicians blending in together to form a series of epic performances in 2018.



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