Knowing What You Really Want in Life

We are living in the social media reality, where you become an instant success if you know how to project certain photos- everyone is an instant PR strategist now once they learn how they can make their social media work for them. If you know how to project, create hype online you can live on the influence that this tool provides you. Good if you are a marketer, terrible if you get lost in the sea of your own strategic lies and start living your own false promises online.

This sort of thing happens in real life and is not far from what happened to me- what if you get drowned in your own superficial lies and hype, and while you are able to transform the rest of the world and how they perceive you, your life would tell otherwise- if we are not careful we end up forgetting who we really are and we end up competing in an endless number of people, consciousness as well as hopes, wants and needs of the people around us. This is what I would term as the ” hype”. You start living the hype of your online life- while the rest of your personality is left behind and remain unpolished before you know it your success is premature and you hardly know what to do with all the date you now have. With premature success comes anxiety, anguish, endless meetings- self-projected hype that is hard to live up to and lesser quality of life.

The thing that I am talking about is something that is not yet named, there is no term for it- only if your mind is conscious to what you are going through would you be able to notice. It takes a lot of conscious effort to know what you really want out of life, and when you enter a dimension wherein everything is a competition for fame, success and glory the lines become blurred. A few people really get to understand how wonderful life is, and tend to search for more- one glory after the other- one high after the other.

Ego has a way of convincing you that the only way you can amount to something is if you fulfill all of these material needs- the larger and broader the network- the mind tends to make you believe that you are accomplishing something whereas you are not- and you might in all your search ending up lost and further and further away from your real dream.

The multi-tasking aspect of life and business, and the movement in the corporate world has led me to think that I need to focus solely on work, not on  my family, not on my self, not even with the needs of friends- but the so-called success- financial success and endless worries of accomplishing something. So, in short, we have subjected ourselves to the rat race even if we no longer have to. Simple people have it easy- because then there are no complex principles to get into and for as long as dissatisfaction does not come in, they can live a quiet life- far from the hype.

Why are we doing these to ourselves, to what point and purpose- I asked a businessman once, why put so much effort into becoming someone- as a philosopher, I tend to look at the clothes and find satisfaction in it- the longer the work hours that I put into something- the longer time I waste in not living my life- everything is already provided in here- and the only reason that I am still continuing is now I truly understand and know what I really want in life.




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