Je An “Govinda” Jean : On why Artists must remain patient and avoid bitterness while pursuing their craft

Je An ” Govinda” Marquesto also known as Govinda Jean in the music industry openly encouraged and expressed his opinions for newbie and solo artists. The art world and the world of music, crafts and entertainment is a tough world to be in. Expect to be met with so many hurdles, distraction, confusion and enemies. According to him there are a lot of artists and musicians who take more than 3 decades before they even get noticed. So let us instead humble ourselves, do the work instead of being bitter when we are not noticed. If you are not ready for the artist world and the pain that goes along with it. Better stop.

Govinda Jean has spoken from experience, he himself has met so many trials in life, that led him to explore different types of art. He started as a freelance artist, then began being interested in mixed media. He did not stop there and also explored watercolor, wire, nail and thread and oil as media. He also began sculpting and would like to be able to sculpt a tribute to Archangel Michael one of these days.

Being an artist is a hard calling, we all know this to be true. In fact, life is hard in itself and only by the grace of Mercy of God are we able to succeed. If it is God’s will, as an artist and musician you will be given a chance to get noticed. But if not, you must have the courage to face your destiny.

Govinda Jean had a long hiatus in 2013 due to the death of Kadangyan’s bassist. But soon, he realized the need to come back to one of his first love which was painting. He is a self-taught artist in the Philippines. The harder the struggle, the better the fruits just as long as you remain mentally strong and you know your purpose as an artist.

Due to this mindset, Je An ” Govinda” Marquesto is able to continuously produce works. He recently had a solo show last February at the Qube Gallery Cebu entitled “Strings and Shades”

Jean Govinda was also able to have a year 2 of Art Revolution in Taipei and received an award. He was also recommended by an Art consultant in Taipei who noticed his work. By the grace of God, talent, discipline and skills his artworks was also selected for the Outdoor Galleries gr ” Urban Facelift ” Exhibition that was held in Athens School of Fine Arts from August 28th to Sept 1, 2019.

After this a series of successful shows happened including the Tubo Cebu Art Fair on Sept. 12. Dusit Thani Hotel in Lanang, Davao City also commissioned his 8ft x 8ft wire art ” Chief on the Go”. He also participated in the Year 3 of Manila Art and successfully sold all his pieces of still strings and nails.

With the legend of art industry, Roger SanMiguel and Ramon Orlina

His works are one of the most sought after in private collections of art enthusiasts in Asia, Taiwan, Europe and Singapore and he has managed to be one of the most respected artist and musician in the Philippines.

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