Can Stem Cell Hair Transplant Cure Hair Loss?

There are many so-called solutions and cure for baldness being advertised, but the end effect remains lacking, most hair transplants remain ineffective and costly without producing satisfying results. For this reason, researchers are now looking into a permanent fix from the future by exploring stem cell hair transplant.

What is Stem Cell Hair Transplant?

A stem cell hair transplant removes a small skin sample from the patient, they would replicate the hair follicles in a lab and implant it back into the scalp where baldness is occurring. Instead of transporting hair from one person to another, they will grow hair instead of in a natural way. As of the moment, there is still much study needed to be done when it comes to implementing stem cell hair transplants, but this is no longer a far-fetched concept as technology has greatly improved over the years. By  2020, it will no longer be science fiction, to regrow hair.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant Procedure:

Italian researchers in 2017 were able to make a successful stem cell hair transplant, the procedure began with a punch biopsy that was extracted stem cells from the patient. After the punch biopsy, they worked with a circular blade that rotated into the skin to remove a cylindrical sample tissue.  They separated the stem cells from the tissue into the special machine called the centrifuge, and then when it leaves a cell suspension, they inject it back to the scalp where hair loss has occurred. There are different ways to go about stem cell hair transplant and various clinics in the U.S are already doing their study with regards to this new technology.

Stem cell hair transplant benefits:

Stem cell hair transplant is seen to cure male androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness, as well as female pattern baldness.  It can also cure the hair follicles and stimulate growth again. While the procedure could be a bit painful, the sensation after the procedure is expected to subside after a week. Some scarring is expected in the area where the transplant would be made, but it is expected to heal fast.

Stem Cell Transplant Success Rate:

Stem cell hair transplant is very promising,  there is a high success rate, the research that was made by the group of Italian researchers yield 29% increase in hair density of the patient in just 23 weeks after receiving the stem cell hair transplant.

The research available on the success rate of stem cell hair transplants is very promising. The results of the Italian study showed a 29 percent increase in hair density 23 weeks after the last treatment.

Some doctors in the United States have started research, the stem cell transplant research is supported by the National Institute of Health. Doctors are experimenting and already tried the process of taking fat from the abdomen, emulsify it and separate the stem cells, they would then mix it in the patient’s own plasma, they inject the mixture into the scalp, twice or over a three month period to observe it, there will be promising results.  Some of the patients who undergo these experimental shots observe major differences with the density of their hair.  There could be around 300 shots before the treatment could be completed when the treatment is finished the doctors hope to see promising results.

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