Is it true that Attractive People are more Successful?

We see it every day, countless skin care products, facial creams, make-up and moisturizers being sold on the market. The skincare and cosmetics industry is a trillion dollar industry and would continue to do so. Top skin care brands like Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream continue to dominate the luxury market, because of the simple truth that Attractive people attract better jobs, better opportunities- and could easily succeed in any career adventure they are in but why?


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If a facial cream can make you look gorgeous within just 14 days why not right? Because people aim to be downright attractive, skincare and cosmetics have been included in the investment list. Invest on your skin, invest in your physical appearance and health and of course- it will directly correlate to better work and earning opportunities.

In research reviews released by many psychologists,  they showed that attractive people both men and women have a better-earning capacity compared with people with below average looks. Attractive people earn an average of 3 or 4% higher. It is embedded in human nature, people tend to gravitate towards attractive people- this is why Koreans and Japanese are known for investing heavily on skin care cosmetics including that of plastic surgery. Humans love good looking people, we can’t help it our brains are wired that way.

A lot of us understand that there is a big pay off to look good, and in the quest for beauty, countless hours and billions of dollars are now being spent on personal grooming. Being attractive has an advantage and offers undeniable benefits in a major aspect of persons like. An economist named Daniel Hamermesh shows that attractive people are most likely going to be employed, and could receive better pay, also they can gain easier loan approvals and negotiate better terms with their loans. So if you are thinking that skin care products are a big scam and not at all worth it, science and psychology are already telling you now- that is indeed part of your development and increase of better chances in life.

Attractive workers can make more money, how we look can also greatly dictate what type of job we can have. There is an economic benefit to being beautiful, which is why luxury brands like Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream can justify the expensive bottles of creams that they are selling on the market. Beauty and attractiveness correlate to success. 

Women who take the time to improve their looks and appearance, gain better attention. This is proven even on social media. The male mind is designed in a way that they will do all that they can to appeal to an attractive woman. Males are by nature competitive, and when they see an attractive woman, no matter how small the chances of having sex with her, will try any attempt that they could, even purchasing a new t-shirt the attractive woman is selling, or buying an insurance they they already have if the woman selling the insurance is good looking. The same is true for women, who are most likely going to listen to a sales pitch done by an attractive looking man. Advertising agencies know full well of this, which would explain why major magazines and TV advertisements would always make use of hot looking men and woman and preferably with abs.

Beauty has financial power, there is pursuit in good looks, in the U.S alone in 2010 people spent $845 million on face lists alone, and that does not even include other products like Indian Healing clay or expensive creams like Elemis or L’Occitane. A person’s good looks also lead them to have better self-esteem leading a much-improved work standing and better work ethic. When you are seen as an attractive person, it can affect the way you communicate and earn. People with better self-esteem or higher self-esteem perform better, there is a general sparkle that allows a person to increase their earnings- more often than not the products that are being sold to us like facial creams, skin moisturizers in a way uplift our self-confidence. Although not in a complete manner, it does give us a quick surge of feeling or energy that we are doing steps to take care of ourselves.

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