How To Lower The Cost Of Your Pool Maintenance and Save Money

Most people call on their Swimming pool maintenance services when the damage is already severe. In the Philippines, people do things at the last minute and they end up spending millions of pesos for what could have been a simple swimming pool maintenance.

Just like with our health, early checkup and maintenance are needed to prevent further damage in the body. This is very much the same when it comes to swimming pool care and services. You need to have an on-call swimming pool maintenance service that will take care of all your needs and assess the situation before its too late.

The worst thing you can do to your swimming pool is not to maintain it. You might think that putting off calling the maintenance and repair team that you are saving money. But the truth is, you will save more if proper treatment is done for your swimming pool. Get swimming pool care services that will maintain the balance in your swimming pool and to make sure that you will not have an algae problem. If you allow the growth of algae and call only at the last minute, you can end up damaging the entire swimming pool. When it comes to that point, most swimming pool contractors would rather reconstruct the swimming pool to solve the situation. Never underestimate the power of basic cleaning services for your swimming pool facility to avoid unnecessary spending.

Work with Experts

One of the worst things you can do is entrusting your swimming pool to just about any contractor you meet. It doesn’t mean that every builder or contractor can handle swimming pools. Some can build a great looking house but it doesn’t mean they will do well with swimming pool construction. Check the years of experience and projects that the contractor has done, and if they cannot prove that they are knowledgeable enough to construct swimming pools what can withstand earthquakes- do your homework and find a contractor that can assist you with absolute attention to detail.

Doing a proper consultation with experts and working with contractors that make use of advanced technology can help remove some of the usual problems in swimming pool installation. Some commit the mistake of working with just about every contractor that presents themselves, even if they have no previous experience in swimming pool construction, maintenance or repair. Do not get a contractor that is not knowledgeable or trained to handle swimming pool maintenance in the long run. Always work with professionals.

Choose LED Lighting

LED lights have been invented for a reason- they provide an efficient system and they last for a much longer time. LED lights offer better illumination and help you save on operating costs of up to 80% or more. They last longer than incandescent lights so you are guaranteed to save on maintenance. Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. offers an advanced LED light system through Diamond LED Pool Light. It is waterproof and is made of stainless steel, it also has true color technology and is guaranteed to provide super bright pool light. The Diamond LED Pool light also comes with an impressive 5-year warranty.

Consider Pool Automation

Pool automation allows you to save on operating costs by outfitting your pool with the latest in automation. By automating the process it is now easier to run the pool pump at certain times of the day and when electricity rates are the lowest. Automation can also adjust the pools filtration, purification, as well as other systems, including making sure it is running smoothly.

Swimming pool technology and design have to be upgraded every now and then. High-end commercial establishments, as well as luxury resorts, have an image to maintain. Swimming pools is one of the biggest reasons why people are drawn to a certain location. Swimming pool maintenance is very much important and crucial to keeping the high value of any property may it be residential or commercial.

Swimming pools should always look updated and must be functional. Property owners should always check the surface of the pool for any cracks in the plaster as well as surface material. Spots of algae clinging to the swimming pool must be removed immediately, including the white film along the sides of the pool. If this is not dealt with, it can end up destroying the pool and costing more money. Early swimming pool maintenance and restoration is the key.

Every 10 to 15 years, a property owner may it be residential or commercial should expect the need to do pool renovation. Some of the renovations that need to be installed are the lights, or the aesthetics of the pool to make it look relevant and enticing to use. There is also a need to do updates on the plumbing as part of the proper pool maintenance.

How to Keep Your Swimming Pool Well Maintained?

The regular maintenance schedule is an absolute need for property owners, but since not everyone has enough number of people to attend to the care of swimming pools, there is a need to hire Pool Care companies to do the job. There are also some swimming pools that have been kept for a very long time and need massive pool renovation to make sure that it remains clean, energy efficient and enticing to use.

Pool Care companies have extensive knowledge when it comes to all aspects of pool construction and renovation, including surface redesign. Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. for example is already 60 years in the swimming pool installation and maintenance business. Everything that there is to know about swimming pools is already embedded in their corporate system techniques.

Upon consultation, a team of experts would be able to evaluate the existing problems and offer the latest solutions.

Nowadays a swimming pool is not just a swimming pool- it is a lifestyle area where people take countless creative shots while they enjoy the holiday. Resorts and hotels who take the extra time to install creative and impressive lights get better attention and free marketing online. Creative landscape lighting also increases property value, if a swimming pool has an impressive Diamond LED Pool light, they become the talk of the town. The right blending of light features makes any swimming pool look more expensive and enticing. Certain colors inside the pool add to its charm and creatively designed lighting system dramatically accents the landscape as well as artistic features of any swimming pool. It also provides additional lighting that is practical for night swimming.

Diamond LED Pool Light installed by Pool Care companies like Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. is top notch. It is able to make any swimming pool area extra soothing and quickly creates a relaxing vibe, coupled with a healing pool system property owners instantly receive the numerous benefits of having a rejuvenating swimming pool within their reach on a regular basis

How do I select the best company for my pool renovation?

Always check the years of experience of the professional pool renovation contractor. A swimming pool renovation and even just the maintenance is a handful. It should only be handled by an experienced team of people who are able to handle different areas of work like lighting, concrete lining, chlorination specialist and they should be able to give you a definite time frame for the completion of the project. Make sure that there is a point person who will be supervising the work on a daily basis and reporting to you.

Also make sure to ask for the cost upfront, get an estimate and ask them if there is any additional cost that would be incurred after the inspection. Always be clear, precise and upfront when dealing with Pool Care companies to avoid experiencing hassles.

The duration or the length of time to complete the pool remodel project would also vary based on the complexity and scope of work. If there is a need to replace tiles and plaster, you can expect the swimming pool remodel project to be completed for 2 to 3 weeks. If the vision and remodeling will undergo new concrete decking, plumbing and the use of more equipment expect the project to take 4 weeks or more.

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc.

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. has years of experience when it comes to the Pool care industry. For over 60 years, the company already know the ins and outs of this industry. The projects they have are usually centered in Forbes Park, Dasmari├▒as Village, North Greenhills, Whiteplains, Ayala Alabang, Greenmeadows, Davao, Boracay, Samar, and Ilocos Norte.

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. has installed the First Wave Ball in the Philippines. This project is a patented wave machine that came from Belgium, and made use of advanced energy systems. The company has an impressive maintenance and sales support team and responsive customer service.

All the swimming pools that the company has installed are still working properly and are well maintained. Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. The company is very environmentally conscious and makes use of renewable sources when it comes to their technological systems. All the swimming pools that they have constructed and renovated are safe and rejuvenating to use.

Other Services:

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. also offer drinking water supply treatment, raw water supply treatment, swimming pool treatment, water theme park design, and consultation as well as other professional pool care services.


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