Is Facebook becoming a lonely place to be in?

After several years of using Facebook this is the first time I am declaring the social media app, no longer social at all. It feels like I am talking to the wall, with over 3,000 Facebook friends but with zero interaction. With almost 500 people available to chat with and just having one or two people discuss things with you. I don’t know why suddenly the charm of this social media app is losing its appeal. Maybe because we finally realized that facebook is indeed a place to market our businesses. A place to find leads and customers, but hardly a place to engage in or is it my age? Or the Facebook analytics? It feels like the same amount of people are reading and liking the posts, the same readers and the same flat reactions. Or is this a good sign, am I finally reaching the adult stages of my life, and the likes no longer trigger any reaction.

When I was 20 years old, Facebook had a huge charm for me, it had a huge impact because for the first time, I am able to express my thoughts even to strangers and to say it aloud, be heard and be affirmed felt important. But now that I am age 32, it seems Facebook is now more of a business tool. I now use it to update social media pages, groups or connect in fandoms of celebrities and musicians as well as movies that I follow. A place to read the news more like a newspaper and less and less the place to share anything of worthy because honestly and the truth is I realized no one really cares. No one really thinks it matters what I ate a while ago, or what country I have been to, or what job I am doing right now, or what political stand I have, it has ceased to be important because of course everyone is sort of telling it now, and we got so used to it. I think, as users of more than 7 years the novelty is wearing off, and finally Facebook is something we used to do- and is now just a part of what we read and no longer something essential.

I still use Facebook for meeting new people in business. I still have essential FB groups and it is still highly valuable for me as a business tool. But it is clear, that in the coming years, I would most likely graduate to WordPress and websites when it comes to sharing thoughts and feelings- blogging. For one because I think that I would find more like minded people through the blogging part, and I feel that somehow, somewhere in some part of the world someone who is really keen and interested will read this. Someone I don’t know, but someone who has something in common with me.

Still, I’d like to thank Mark Zuckerberg for the tool, for Facebook. Selling items, finding out target customers, observing customer behavior and internet memes are still constant on Facebook- and still makes life easy. We just sort of graduated and stopped thinking that Facebook is something social, or a place to build friendships because it failed to do that part, or we failed to do that part. I don’t want to feel alienated or feel more lonely expecting that this is a tool to meet people whom you should share your life with, and have come to terms for what Facebook is– a business tool- lonely and yet still useful.

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