Chlorine is Bad for Your Health & How to Remove it in Your Swimming Pool

Chlorine is a chemical that is frequently used in household cleaning products, it is a form of gas and comes with a yellowish-greenish color and is often pungent and has an irritating odor like bleach. A lot of commercial and residential swimming pools in the Philippines still make use of chlorine to sanitize swimming pools but the question here is if the substance is safe for the health?

Chlorine is traditionally used as a water disinfectant and is part of the sanitation of most sewage and industrial waste. However, the components of chlorine pose a threat to the human body. If chlorine is added on food and ingested by humans in large doses it can make a person sick.

What happens when chlorine enters your body?

High doses of chlorine when ingested can cause unwanted effects in the body. Chlorine is a form of acid and is corrosive and when it enters the body it can damage the cells inside the body. It shouldn’t be inhaled for a long period of time and people who are exposed to water with too much chlorine can suffer from airway irritation, difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, eye irritation, redness and itching of the skin including sore throat and wheezing.

Rashes caused by Chlorine in Swimming Pools

The severity of the effect would depend on how many hours the person was exposed to. The dose of chlorine would determine the impact on the body if taken in high doses a person can suffer from fluid build-up in the lungs and this can cause Pulmonary Edema.

Despite the harmful effects on humans, most swimming pools are still treated with chlorine due to the fact that the chemical is able to sanitize pools from bacteria and germs. It is also able to control organic debris from human perspiration and body oils, and it is effective for controlling algae. However, as more people become informed about chlorine, there is now a growing movement against the use of Chlorine in swimming pools. Chlorine is harmful and is a carcinogen that can lead to cancer with frequent exposure.

It shouldn’t be absorbed by the skin and too much exposure can lead to reproductive disorders as well as birth defects. On top of that, this substance can make the skin and hair dry out, and could even cause premature aging of the skin leading to wrinkles. Swimming pools that are indoors and make use of chlorine suffer the same fate.

Highly chlorinate pools contain toxic gases like nitrogen trichloride and this is very dangerous to the lining of the lungs. People with asthma and other respiratory problems should be careful and should avoid using swimming pools that are chlorinated. In rare cases, health issues such as bladder and rectal cancer could happen. For this reason, researchers have come up with various solutions to replace chlorine in swimming pools as a form of treatment.

Current Treatment Measures When Exposed to Chlorine

There is no antidote or medicine to cure chlorine poisoning, but thankfully the chlorine effects could be diminished and people can recover. If severe, and it leads to severe coughing, difficulty in breathing and pulmonary edema then the person needs to be treated in the hospital. Most people who are exposed in chlorine are advised to wash up with clean water and soap immediately.

But the best treatment is to make guided decisions and find out which swimming pools in your area are already chlorine free.

How to Make Your Swimming Pools Chlorine – Free

The solution to avoid suffering from chlorine poisoning and other ill effects brought about by it are by using Zero Chlorine Technology. If you have a residential or commercial pool, it is highly advisable to contact expert pool care services to eliminate chlorine in swimming pools while maintaining the cleanliness of the pool.

Zero Chlorine Technology: Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc.

No one needs to suffer from chlorine poisoning, no more red eyes, itchy skin or worry of irritating smells while relaxing and enjoying in the pool. Zero Chlorine Technology is already made available by Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. in the Philippines.

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. has a combined experience of 60 years. As an established company, they have expert knowledge on how you can make your swimming pool safe to use.

Swimming Pool and Water Treatment Tank Construction

Apart from making sure that swimming pools contain zero chlorine the company Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. also offers technical expertise, and excellent workmanship when it comes to swimming pool and water treatment tank construction.

Leak Free Pools and Water Tanks

Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. makes use of steel and strong concrete, they don’t use substandard materials like wire mesh nor cement. A lot of contractors are still using hollow blocks, this is already outdated and would make any structure weak.

High Quality System and Guaranteed to Save Money

The CEO of Crystal Blue Enterprises Inc. President Richard Cariño oversees the projects together with partners and makes sure that everything is running smoothly. The company motto stands by quality workmanship and they build swimming pools that will withstand the test of time.

The design of Richard Cariño is automated, it offers supreme filtration and disinfection that removes the need to use chlorine. The system that they use for building swimming pools is also environment-friendly and designed to make equipment last for very long time-saving clients money and time.

The swimming pools that they create can withstand 6.0 earthquakes due to the design, quality, and workmanship. Truly impressive, honest and absolute commitment to high standards.

It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity”. It is the quality that will attract high-end clients and its small attention to details that they notice.




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