Is A Science Degree still Relevant and What You Can Do With It?

How Valuable is a Science Degree and what you can do with it today?

You finally completed a degree in science, or you are considering enrolling in a Science program right now but you are unsure if it will be worth it?

I  studied Biology BSci 2010-2013 at Bristol University. Through Biology I was able to understand various principles in science, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that Biology is something that would interest everyone. 

And despite having the best mentors in the field, I am so preoccupied with making other stuff work and had no focus so I wasn’t really able to conceptualize a grand idea, that I could turn into a profitable venture after I studied this specific branch of Science. 

However, I have realized is that if you observe well enough. You can connect scientific principles with important concepts and futuristic technologies that we have today- especially if you are planning to venture into online marketing.

My scientific course background enabled me to have an easy understanding of future studies that I was going to embark on like working with Artificial Intelligence.

When I began to work with Artificial intelligence, my scientific research background and knowledge was useful in understanding biomarkers. With artificial intelligence, you study facial expressions, voice intonation sweat response, heart rate and more. The concepts I learned in biology are proving effective in Artificial intelligence. Because of my background in scientific research and data analysis, I was able to take part in creating a lie detection test that could be used by credit card companies and applications to detect micro-expressions. In the future, Netflix will know exactly how you feel about every movie you are watching, and it would be able to pick for you the best movie or drama series suggestion. 

Working On Oil Rigs

Apart from the application in artificial intelligence, scientific principles and studies related to it can be applied should you decide to work on oil rigs in the future? Oil rigs require the development of new software for controlling and improving operations. 

Apart from the biological principles, you can apply in these fields. Scientific data can also help you understand coding and how to apply it in your business. 

Scientific training and mindset allow you to do better in consulting, podcasting, marketing and finding new adventure because science is about fulfilling one’s curiosity in principles in your environment. Because of my degree in Science, I was able to tour North Korea, hitchhike in Kazakhstan,  and even got paid to sail around the Caribbean. I also lived in the woods of Tasmania for about a month with zero technology, without even wearing a watch. I even spent 10 days meditating in complete silence in India. without reading or writing, or even looking at faces of other human beings- just a deep exploration of my own mind. 

This allowed me to develop the Growth Mindset Podcast, where I get to interview some of the world’s most fascinating humans. From leading scientists to Olympic athletes, tech billionaires and real-life Hitman if you may.  Growth Mindset Podcast is already 2 years, and since the time it started I was able to connect with the inventor of Siri, the Founder of graze, the guy who built Skype, the one who built the BBC iPlayer and one member of the team that discovered the Higgs Boson, and yes a real hitman. On top of that, I also exchanged letters with Sir David Attenborough himself. 

I left Bristol 5 years ago but learned about a new life. The goal now is to impart wisdom upon readers and people I meet in different walks of life. 

The Value of a Biological Sciences Degree

A science degree is vital because it will open doors for you. 

However, it is not the end-all and be all. There is so much you can do with a willingness to explore more. 

There are also some very obvious things you can do with a Science degree like meet extraordinary people and start a cool business because you just essentially know more. With a degree in science, you can enter the Biotech community and work on food innovation like Beyond Meat.  Or even join companies like Lettus Grow. Scientific degrees open you up to numerous interesting research that Universities take on. You don’t need to spend 5 years or more taking up scientific studies, you just need to be very willing to network, read more and enjoy research on a personal level to maximize potential. 

(see Anthony Rose Podcast for advice on how to raise money)

The Huge Value of being a Scientist:

While there is no way we can fully understand the universe, we could at least respect nature and try to find more information about important things in life. A science degree is just one of the many ways to open your mind to the right thoughts and to meet the right network.  Do as much reading as you can, get hold of books like the Principles by Ray Dalio, Creativity Inc. by Ed Catmull and biographies of Andrew Carnegie, including books of Warren Buffet. 

How Biology Applies to Business:

The principles of Biology are closely related to building a mindset that is suited for business. For example, the theory of evolution, adaptation to the environment, competing for a niche to survive, game theory, partner selection, resource acquisition, and replication as well as the proliferation of the genes that are the blueprint of biology, is essentially useful when you are already embarking on a start-up business. 

Companies and brands are just essentially individuals fighting for survival over scarce resources. And the ones who are quick to respond and innovate, as well as to adapt to change will be the one to stay. 

Market research only has value if you’re scientific about it. If you set out to prove that people want your product and quickly deduce that your product is amazing without really proving it then you will fail. Investing all your money into a crap idea isn’t good. Being a scientist and finding out what people really think and want is the recipe for success.

A business franchisee is literally just replicating the blueprint of a successful formula the same as replicating your DNA.

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It’s normal to feel like you are being left behind, sometimes when you look at social media, it feels as though everyone is already succeeding in life. Your Instagram feed shows an array of people making it, traveling, getting a doctorate, curing cancer while launching a million-dollar business and it could get really overwhelming.  But remember that there is no need to rush– Just learn to focus and do what you can to finish your studies, research and doing the best that you can do with the time given. Advice from the billionaire founder of Siri: never focus on money in any job you take and always optimize for learning. Whilst you’re young you can handle sleeping on a mate’s sofa and eating ramen etc… you don’t need money.

Money actually comes with its own set of problems and the whole overhead of managing it and not losing it which is another faff. It’s wise to acquire as much experience as possible and find out what you’re passionate about. You can learn what you would enjoy dedicating long periods of time to when you’re older and more settled.

You do not necessarily need to change what you are doing every month. You just need to put in time into doing the current things you are interested in. Remain open to different things and get ready to always get out of your comfort zone. Switch it up every now and then until you reach your 30’s and by then you would already acquire a  unique set of skills to start doing what you really want to do. 

Other people in truth are irrelevant, the only thing that matters is that you improve every day. 

There have been times when I’ve been asked to tell my own stories to people of stupid / genius things I’ve done and generally pass on fantastic wisdom. I often recognize a look of mild indifference that I know I used to have. Topics such as:

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