International Bazaar 2018: Shop and Bring Hope

The recent International Bazaar 2018 at PICC last November 25, 2018, is one of the many signs that the Philippines is doing extremely well when it comes to economic matters. The event set up by the Department of Foreign Affairs together with the Diplomatic and Consular Corps and the Spouses of the Heads of Mission, the International Bazaar Foundation Inc. IBF is simple and yet immensely successful. The International Bazaar is already at its 52nd year of showcasing local and international products for the benefit of various charitable institutions in the Philippines.

Some of the countries that participated are Denmark, Switzerland, China, Germany, India, Cambodia, Israel, Japan, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Korea, Peru, Laos, New Zealand, and Spain.  Spain and New Zealand came with their famous wins while Sri Lanka and Lao opted to showcase their fabric and textiles.   Brands like ALDO and Ragusa Chocolates from Switzerland were also a big hit during the event.

Interesting products from different parts of the world where there and some of the best local brands in the Philippines where also featured. The City of Paranaque came well prepared for the event, showcasing the best products and handicrafts while local product AponiBayosa was a definite crowd favorite, with Honeylet Duterte herself enjoying the delicious coffee created through the efforts of Fides Herrera- Lim.

Ambassador Jan Top Christensen to Denmark with Fides Herrera Lim ( AponiBayosa ) 

Fides Herrera- Lim and her love for anything coffee has inspired the creation of a product Filipinos can truly be proud of. Armed with the vision to help coffee farmers in Tuba, Ampucao and Atok the maker has the undying energy and will to persevere. AponiBayosa is a coffee brand that is well thought out, prepared using the right type of methods, and prepared with real understanding- AponiBayosa is more than just coffee- it connects history and identity and pulls them into one perfect creation that a true coffee lover can sip and enjoy. For Fides Herrera Lim the coffee journey continues and the International Bazaar 2018 is just one of the many ways to share awareness, ” to plant the seeds of change”.

The International Bazaar or IBF is steadfast with their mission, The Spouses of the Heads of Mission has given donations through IBF, including the Childhope Asia Philippines, Marillac Homes for Abused women, Negrense Volunteers for Change Foundation, ICAN Foundation including Chosen Children Foundation among others. Members of IBF has also been active in feeding programs for school children in Aguho Elementary School in Pateros.

These years 2018 International Bazaar focuses on the preservation of traditional craftsmanship of the Filipino, through skills training in weaving, pottery, woodcarving, and embroidery with the aim that the beneficiaries will learn to become financially and economically independent. 33 units of sewing machine were awarded to the Women of Marawi as part of the start-up livelihood opportunity.

Honey Duterte together with members of the IBF and exhibitors at the International Bazaar 2018

Also present during the inauguration were Madame Maria Lourdes B. Locsin, Overall Chairperson of the International Bazaar Foundation and wife of Hon. Teodoro Locsin Jr., Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Philippines, along with the members of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps, and the Board of Trustees of the International Bazaar Foundation, Inc.





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