If You Want to Age Gracefully Avoid These 6 Things

We are all going to get older, but we will age at a different pace. There is a reason why there are people who look younger than they age, it is based on certain natural conditions and mind conditioning, as well as other factors aided by innovations in science and technology.

Signs of aging usually include fine lines, shadows, hyper-pigmentation, dull skin and wrinkles. Slower metabolism, and lack of energy, when a person reaches a certain age they begin to suffer from weakening of the bones as well as over all degradation of mental focus and capacity.

There are different reasons why we age, there are internal factors that is happening around the cells. A code inside our bodies that trigger our decline once a certain.

6 Things You Should Do to Avoid Aging?

  1. Overthinking and Negative Mindset

Even if you use the most expensive skin care creams in the world, if you are not able to stop yourself from overthinking then you will still suffer from the degradation and effects of aging.

Stress has a tremendous negative impact on the cells and the nerves. Thinking the right kind of thoughts and choosing to think well, and be gracious and thankful for the life you have, will help you decrease the signs and effects of aging. While it is almost impossible now to stay away from negative people, because of the world we live in, it is best to reduce the interaction with negative people who tend to complain a lot about life. Strive your best to establish networks with positive people, and much more happy peers that look forward to life. This can decrease your chances of developing coronary heart disease as well as other bodily diseases.

2. Avoid Excessive Sun Exposure

90% of visible changes in the skin is caused by too much sun exposure. It also causes different health issues and if not prevented it could lead to skin cancer and cataracts. Chronic overexposure to the sun will change the texture and weaken the elasticity of the skin that lead to sagging. Later in life, the number of your wrinkles is related to your total hours of lifetime sun exposure. Women who have lower levels of sun exposure look 8 to 16 years younger compared with those with higher levels of sun exposure.

3. Avoid Wearing Too Much Make-up

No matter how friendly the make-up ingredients are, the fact is that it is still a foreign agent applied on the skin. It would be best to use make-up in moderation and focus on improving clear skin. Make-up causes early aging, especially make up that is oil based because it can clog the pore and lead to more acne and pimples. It can also aggravate the presence of fine lines around the eyes that contribute to the signs of aging. Talc based make-up products also cause skin dryness and rapid wrinkling. Some mineral make-up can also lead to skin dryness, irritation and unnecessary peeling of the skin. Decrease the need for make up and focus on improving your skin naturally by getting enough sleep, and staying hydrated.

4. Smoking Cigarettes

Smoking ruins your look, and causes premature aging. Not only that, it also causes more than three million deaths worldwide and cause systemic diseases like poor wound healing, melanoma, oral cancer, hair loss, acne and psoriasis. The tobacco smoke extract impairs the production of collage in the skin causing a smoker to age faster.

5. Overeating Sugar and Carbohydrate Rich Foods

Excessive processed sugar diet leads to dark circles around the eyes, wrinkles and skin dehydration. Eating too much sugary donuts and other unhealthy snacks fast track the aging process. Sugar from processed foods like soft drinks, biscuits and cakes enters the bloodstream and binds proteins affecting the elastin and collagen inside leading to higher toxic levels. Excessive sugar also causes Obesity, additional weight that deprive the body of critical vitamins and minerals that hinder the body from maintaining youthful complexion.

6. Avoid Not Making Exercise a Habit

Exercise does not only help you lose weight, it can also help fight the signs of aging. It slows down the process of aging and helps your body become younger and feel much more vibrant. Exercise has the power to reverse aging. A person who has regular exercise and fitness routine will have stronger muscles, it will stave off chronic illness. While we cannot change our chronological age, exercise has the ability to help us feel stronger and younger from within. A 30 minute physical sweat session can do wonders for the brain and the body. If you do not exercise or do brisk walking at all, and if you sit for longer periods of time, you increase the risk of suffering from coronary heart disease.

How to Age Gracefully?

Despite regular exercise, and trying our best to eat the right kinds of food, the body will regress over time, as well as our mental faculties. This is because the stem cells of the body get depleted over time, and die on their own. Most of the time, due to illnesses the body will have a hard time replenishing or producing stem cells. When this happens, the aging process become faster. Our genes could also be problematic and could pose problems for us. For this reason, despite the best of efforts you can still look and feel older, the only way to truly prolong your life and help you feel stronger is with the help of advanced medical science– and that is through the Power of Stem Cells.

Stem Cell Clinics in the United States have known this great secret for more than 20 years now, as a result more and more celebrities, high profile CEO’s and politicians are now including Stem Cell therapy and rejuvenation therapy as part of their routine to help them feel and look younger.

Is 72 the new 32?

Yes. According to Lourdes Duque Baron, an award winning International author, actress, producer, musician and soon to be film director. With fresh batch of stem cells inside your body, you can help prolong your strength and vigor for life. At the age of 72 she is still very strong, and is showing no signs of stopping. By the grace of God, and the many wonders of human research and technology she is able to live her best life-

72 is the NEW 32 โ€” taken July 2019 โ€” in Garden Grove, CA USA
The Ultimate Braglist โ€“ Lourdes Duque Baron looking Incredibly Young!

Without stem cell therapy and rejuvenation therapies provided to her by FGAAA Clinic- Feeling Good At Any Age The One Stop Rejuvenation Center, it would never be possible for her to do multiple projects and enjoy them with passion and concentration. Because she makes use of the full power of stem cells in her veins, she is able to accomplish more than what is expected for women her age.

Most people at age 70 expect to retire, and live a life of boredom and isolation. Many humans at age 70 are no longer able to think and remember details clearly, making it much harder to complete tasks. Wrinkles and lines become plentiful, and the skin loses elasticity and strength due to decline in collagen production. It is a hard phase to be in especially if you will want to accomplish so many things in life. Stem Cells and rejuvenation therapy continue to give Lourdes Duque Baron a zest for life and renewed interest in learning different crafts and activities that wouldn’t otherwise be possible at her age.

Because of stem cell therapy she is able to maintain muscle strength and mental alertness. Lourdes Duque Baron is able to see her 70’s as some of the happiest and most productive years of her life.

Listen to Lou Baron singing at age 72 with the Power of Stem Cells!

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