The Complete Guide for Getting a Japan Visa For Filipinos

Getting a Japanese Visa is not something you should be stressed about, there are ways to make sure you secure one. For as long as you will follow the rules,  you would b able to avail. Japan has made it easier for Pinoys to travel to Japan.

Requirements to Prepare for Japan Visa Application:

  • Philippine Passport
  • Visa Application Form
  • Photo
  • Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract (if applicable)
  • Daily Schedule in Japan
  • Bank Certificate
  • Income Tax Return (form 2316) original and photocopy
  • Additional Supporting Documents (RT airfare, hotel booking, etc)
  1.  Be honest and include all details needed from you when signing your Japan Visa Application form, do not leave any blank space. Do not invent a false job because the Japanese embassy has a way of checking if what you said is true. They are connected with banks and government offices and could easily verify and call your office for verification.

2. It is better to prepare, make sure to include a well-detailed itinerary. Most travel agencies like The Tourister PH has already a complete itinerary for areas in Japan like Osaka and Tokyo. Get your full itinerary for the whole duration of your stay. If you are staying for 3 days make sure to include all of the details, from your airport transfer details to hotel to where you will visit and shop. The consul will check if the itinerary makes sense, make it well detailed.

3. Bank Certification- There are some blogs telling people to have at least 100k in their bank account, while this might really be helpful, and get you a higher chance of approval. There are still ways to get a visa even without the 100k money in your account. To do this, select only 15 days of stay or less, you can try 5 days of vacation so the amount you will state in your bank is just 75 to 80k as your show money.

4. Provide a High-quality picture- never submit a low-resolution photo, follow the standard format given to you, including the size of your head on the photo- go to a professional photo studio to avoid any issues with your photo.

5. If you are employed, get a certified employment certificate and include the details of your HR department. Include how many years you are working in the company, your annual gross salary and approved leave indication that you are bound for a vacation in Japan. Make sure to also furnish your latest ITR or Income tax return.

Important Details:

  • Philippine Passport

    Your passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of your intended departure. If your passport is already expiring, get a DFA online appointment first visit

  • Visa Application Form

    You can download the form or ask for a copy from the travel agency. During our application, we needed to fill out the same form because they want it to be printed in A4.

    Although it’s not part of their list of requirements, I think it’s better if you already booked a flight because the flight details are needed in the application form.


    • Specs: 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background
    • Photo must be pasted on the application form

    Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract (if applicable)

    First-time applicants need to submit the NSO original copy. Second-time applicants don’t need to, but you have to show your previous Japan visa/s.

  • If you don’t have an ITR…

    If your travel plan is the following year, you can file your annual ITR as early as January before your visa application. Note that the deadline is usually April 15, and if you will file anytime after that, you will be penalized by BIR.

  • With Sponsor or Guarantor

    1. Guarantee Letter

    If your sponsor is living in the Philippines and they will be the one o shoulder the expenses, you need to submit a guarantee letter explaining your relationship with the guarantor and include their contact details.

    2. Proof of Relationship with guarantor

    You need to provide a proof of relationship with your guarantor. If they are your husband or partner in life include your marriage certificate. If a family member finds or gives documents like PSA birth certificate. If they are a friend provide photos of you and your friend together and a screenshot of emails and texts as well as chat conversations proving they are your friend.

  • If you are still a student, send proof that you are enrolled and the same documents needed from the guarantor proving that they will fund your trip.
  • Additional Supporting Documents

    These documents are not officially in their checklist but everyone I know who applied for Japan visa and got approved included them in their submitted documents.

Remember that your application will only be processed through an accredited travel agency only. The Japanese embassy in the Philippines WILL NOT process your tourist visa application directly. Below is the list of accredited agencies from the embassy website:

  • Reli Tours & Travel Agency
  • Universal Holidays
  • Discovery Tour Inc.
  • Rajah Travel Corp.
  • Attic Tours Philippines Inc.
  • Friendship Tours and Resource
  • Pan Pacific Travel Corporation

When is the best time to apply for a Japan Travel Visa?

Make sure to apply at least 3 months ahead of time, so you can still have time to fix other issues in your Application if there would be any. It usually takes the Japan Embassy 7 to 10 Business days to process the Japan Visa.

What is the address of the Japan Embassy in the Philippines?

2627, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay Metro Manila, Philippines 1300

What if you are a freelancer?

As a freelancer, you need to prove that you are affiliated with a legitimate company or that you own a business. Prepare land titles if you have, or proof that you have a car. Or payment slips and transactions online proving that you have the capacity to travel. Especially if you want to get a multiple entry visa. Make sure to provide a lot of receipts and proofs that you are earning well.

And lastly, Pray, and ask the Guardian Angels, you never know the impact of Spiritual Guidance out there! Enjoy Japan!

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4D3N Fascinating Tokyo Japan

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