How to Build a Man-Made Beach Resort Business Successfully?

In countries like the Philippines, there is a growing demand for man-made beach resorts- in Metro Manila residents try to find respite in a number of rooftop hotel swimming pools but we have yet to create a truly impressive man-made beach resort that will draw thousands of people worldwide.

Let’s face it at some point in our life we imagined having our very own beachfront property. The beach reminds us of peaceful, relaxing and fun moments. When we think about relaxation our image goes back to adventures in different bodies of water like ocean, streams, rivers, ponds- it will come as no surprise that man-made beach resorts are already a thing. More and more companies are planning to put up their very own man-made beach resorts and for a good reason. Artificial beaches and man-made resorts are the future.

Why man-made Beaches?

Man-made beaches are extra fun, comfortable, stunning and always worth the experience. While we won’t necessarily have white sand and coconut palms, man-made beach and swimming pools give much-needed comfort and beauty to the weary soul. With a bit of landscaping and beautiful aesthetics, any place could turn into an instant haven. A lot of hotels in Manila and the rest of the Philippines are starting to invest in the creation of man-made beaches because why not?

Filipinos are known for their You Only Live Once lifestyle, more millennial are spending their time in relaxing activities, bringing in friends and family to new experiences all the time. Most activities like shopping and dining out and watching movies has become boring- a lot of millennial individuals are looking for the next best experience and heading to man-made beach resorts are most welcome.

Increase Land Value

One of the greatest things about artificial beaches or man-made beach projects is that they increase land value. Dubai and Chile attest to this truth. Today both countries are recognized and widely sought out as tourist spots due to their fantastic looking man-made beach resorts.

It was unthinkable back then, how could an entire desert turn into something profitable? One of the greatest examples of a successful man-made beach venture project is what happened to El Laucho beach. Centuries ago, the place was just filled with large rocks and plagued with endless currents, it was once considered as a no-go zone for recreational swimmers due to the hazards.

Today the El Laucho beach in Chile has considered as the best urban center of the south of the Peruvian border thanks to their biggest man-made beach. The government of Chile invested US$5.5million for the makeover of the place and established a picturesque beach at the foot of Arica’s iconic hill called the el Morro de Arica- today it is now one of the safest and bathing friendly coastline.

To complete the design, the contractors included other amazing features like a public gazebo, stairs, access ramps as well as wooden boardwalk designed for people who have reduced mobility, they also added in new shading, lighting, and trash cans. With the help of high-quality engineering, they were able to develop a once useless piece of land and created an expanse where the public can enjoy. The man-made beach resort now caters to thousands of tourists and beach swimmers including people with disabilities. All of this did not exist a few years ago, who would have thought that a dangerous area would be turned into a haven.

Easier Construction of Man Made Beach Resorts

Due to advanced technology, it is now easier and faster to create man-made beach resorts. In the past, we simply had no way to do this- but now we can easily create Vegas like resorts and hotels. Instead of traveling to very far places, and seeking out the unknown- most travelers can opt to go for safer options like man-made swimming pools and man-made beaches. Constructing man-made islands is no longer an impossible feat, all that is needed is adventurous business owners who are ready to invest in the future of relaxation.

Benefits of Artificial Beaches

Artificial beach resorts are created to provide ease, relaxation, and comfort to any property may it be residential or commercial. It falls under the movement of coastal aesthetic, if there are certain places that have no natural beach formation then artificial beaches can be constructed. Countries like Dubai have perfected the installation of aesthetically pleasing artificial beach resorts.

Choosing the Right Contractors to Build Man Made Beach Resorts

An artificial beach can enhance any commercial property, by simply installing one any property may it be residential or for business purposes- investors can experience the immediate return of investment. People flock to man-made islands and resorts as well as water parks because they bring fun and life to any vacation. Modern-day hotels and resorts who want to stay longer in the business should consider installing man-made beach resorts – new customers are now looking for additional activities and experiences- people nowadays don’t simply book hotels to sleep or watch TV- the modern day client is always looking for a stand out experiences. Hotels and resorts who fail to upgrade, lose out on the competition. Most hotel patrons will choose hotels and resorts with something unique to offer.

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There is now a growing construction of man-made beaches- the success of Singapore’s Sentosa Island and Dubai’s man-made islands created ideal conditions for investors. Theme parks that have man-made beach resorts invite more people in- it serves as a holiday oasis for visitors who are looking for a quick escape. Not everyone has the luxury of time to go to Palawan or Boracay, but everyone could take a short trip and experience what they would not call as StayCations- book a room for an entire day and experience the additional amenities that the place has to offer.

Some of the most loved man-made beaches and island projects in the world include the Palm Jumeirah or Palm Islands and The World Islands of Dubai. Right now due to a flourishing economy there is a growing number of high net worth individuals in the Philippines ready to take on the project of creating man-made resorts as a business.

More Filipinos are becoming new millionaires and billionaires. If in the past, it was unthinkable to put up luxury resorts today there is enough wealth and resources going around- there is now a need for more luxury and resort experiences for Filipino families.

The allure of living just steps away from beach paradise, or even just the feeling of going to one is always a delight, it appeals to the majority and it is considered a wise and solid form of investment- creating interesting pool designs that feel as though you are transported to the Caribbean elevates the value of any property.

Due to technological advancements, every home can start becoming a resort in no time. Families can simply upgrade their swimming pools and feel like they are on a vacation every day while in their backyard!

But before anyone can achieve this success, finding the right contractor is necessary. Installation of swimming pools, wave pools let alone the construction of man-made beaches or artificial beaches is not an easy thing to do. Only expert contractors should take on the task, to avoid wasting money. If you are going to invest in artificial beach resorts for your property make sure that you are dealing with experienced contractors.

Artificial beaches construction involves various details, this shouldn’t be done by just any contractor. The quality of the materials used, including the sand needs to optimal. There are a certain grain diameter and quantity as well as gradation that needs to be followed. Man-made beach resorts have to be strategically planned, by a well-informed team to make sure that the result is a beach that looks rich in colour both while in and out of the water. Design and aesthetics are everything, the artificial beach needs to look captivating.

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