How to Become an Expert Ship Electrician?

What is a Ship Electrician?

An electrician has endless job opportunities, it offers income stability. If you want to experience a good life, travel around the world with a high income earning job then you can enroll and study to become an Expert Ship Electrician.

If you see yourself working inside a boat and enjoying the experience working in a maritime industry, then one of the jobs that you can try is how to become a marine electrician. There are training centers like Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation in the Philippines that can give you world class training.

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Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation

The Founder of Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation Engr. Arjay Magpantay had envisioned creating an effective Consultancy Corporation for Seafarers on September 2017 while on board ship. He saw a lot of loopholes and mistakes in the way our Filipino seafarers are getting trained. Not a lot of Pinoys are able to get on board a ship and work due to lack of training, guidance and technical skills.He understands the hardships that are encountered by people working in the maritime industry and together with his team they built Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation. He registered the corporation at SEC on Jan 10, 2018. The founders of the corporation are mostly active seafarers and families of seafarers. They are mandated to help seafarers have better career and family life. They have a vision to be the leading maritime innovation developer in the world.

Azzet Maritime Consultancy is affiliated with various accredited Training centers and Review centers so the people who join the club can avail of special rates and discounts. It is also in partnership with manning agencies to make it easy for seafarers to get information regarding related job opportunities.

The training they offer is suitable for Captains, Chief Engineers, Deck Officers & Ratings, Marine Engineers & Ratings, Cooks, Cruise Ship Personnel, aspiring Ship Electricians and families of seafarers. The Founder is an active seafarer, expert in Maritime electro-technical courses and Registered Financial Planner

Ship Electrician Course

Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation is training seafarers in various related skills. The goal is to become the World’s Leading Supplier of Top-Caliber Ship Electricians through excellent training both on site and online based on the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification of Watchkeeping for Seafarers in 1978 as amended in 2010 at Manila Conference in Regulation III/6 and III/7. When the trainees complete the training they can apply to Manning Agencies and have the opportunity to get hired. The Ship Electrician Course is one of the many courses that you can take as a ticket entry to working for domestic and international shipping companies.

A lot of Pinoy Seafarers are still lacking in technical skills, they find themselves confused once they get hired which leads them to lose the job easily. Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation wants to solve this problem through proper channels of education and proper training of ship electricians. Filipino Seafarers are in demand due to their work ethics, patience and initiative, however a lot of Pinoy Seafarers still lack proper skills and technical training and this is what the training is going to solve.

Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation has created a good name for itself, and won countless of Business Excellence Awards due to the integrity and up to date information of the Ship Electrician training they provide. They are the first company to offer this kind of training making them one of the most sought after Maritime Consultancy services in the Philippines. The goal is to improve their services so they can serve more people who want to become experts.

The Founder Eng. Arjay Magpantay believes that everything boils down to mastery. If Pinoys took the time to read and understand, if they dedicated a portion of their time to understanding how to become an effective seafarer they can and will get a good result. Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation created a series of books and online courses that could be easily accessed by anyone who wants to become an expert in Seafarer services.

The online training guide for Seaman that he created can be accessed online at anytime, it includes basic to complex chapters on how to be an Expert Ship Electrician and so much more. The online courses are comprehensive, there are a lot of courses included. All are beneficial skills to seafarers who want to update their skills and become experts at what they do.

Training to become a ship electrician in the Philippines is costly, remember that the more you improve your skills the higher the chances of getting a job. It is not as easy as others project. To become a ship electrician you need to be endorsed by the right companies. At times an additional months of seagoing service is needed

STCW Training

Before you can work as a Ship Electrician you need to have a Seaman’s Book. You have to attend the 10 days Basic training course that is offered by Maritime Training Centers accredited by Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA). Maritime programs and courses train you on specific skills related to marine electrical work.

It is the responsibility of an expert seafarer to learn as much as they can. Remember that every year, technology advances, there is more automation and electronic circuits going on and the conventional and electrical systems have changed. This is the reason why a lot of Pinoy seafarers are in need of re-training, this is because there is a need now of more modern Electrical Engineers that are competent enough to understand complex and sophisticated electrical systems.

Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation can assist you with your Ship Electrician Course.

You can reach the company at Unit 306, 3rd Floor, TM Kalaw Center, Kalaw Street, Ermita, Manila (Taas ng Marsaman Manning Agency at tabi ng Manila Doctors Hospital).

Education Qualification

A high school diploma or equivalent related to electrical course is required. Some ship electricians have attended technical schools or took bachelor programs related to engineering practices like basic electrical theory and circuitry. After completing the training, ship electricians are required to take continuing education courses. These are courses are highly technical and usually related to safety practices, changes in electrical codes and further training from manufacturers of specific machines used inside the ship.

Before you can be called an expert ship electrician you need at least 1 to 3 years of cadet ship program and at least 628 hours of electro-technical training. Ship electricians need to understand electrical and electronics theory, instrumentation and automation, pneumatic and hydrolic application, marine high voltage system, electrical code requirements, ship communications, fire alarm system, elevators and more.

Ship Electrician Course

Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation offers a comprehensive course for Ship Electricians in the Philippines. Learn about Marine Electrical Motor controls, Ship’s Propulsion and Control system, Marine Generators, Management System and High Voltage safety, Ship’s Engine Room Machinery, Marine Deck Equipment, Ship’s Crane System, Marine Refrigeration and Air conditioned System, Ship’s Navigation Equipment, Marine Fire Detection, Alarm and Extinguishing system.

Ship Electrician course comes with 5 Free Lunch, Snacks and unlimited coffee. The next schedule is August 27-31, 2019. Take the course for only 5 days ( 40 hours)

Text/Call : 0999 2284508…

Access Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation or get in touch with them on their official Facebook Page.


The website offers training and listings of accredited review centers and more!

Manning Agencies who want to reach out and become partners can reach Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation on their address at:

Unit 306, 3rd Floor T.M. KALAW CENTER, 667 Kalaw Street, ErmitaManila, Philippines

Call (02) 567 3455

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