How to Age Gracefully in Your 60’s: Do’s and Don’ts

When you reach the age of 60, you could start feeling that the world is closing in on you. Your mind and body begin showing signs of decline along with body aches and pain. These changes make it hard to feel sexy and vibrant.

Many men and women nearing the age of 60 feel a sense of fear and helplessness. Anxiety begins to increase and many begin to lose their interest in daily activities and hobbies that they used to love. However, there is a way out of the unknown, no one should feel powerless or aimless in life.

Given the right information, there is a way for you to transform yourself and exceed the expectation. There is a way to age gracefully and see your 60’s like a beginning rather than an end!

Love and Take Care of Your Skin

It is a well-known fact that in your 60’s your skin would become fragile, you will have an increased number of age spots and your skin will feel drier. You can suffer from more unsightly breakouts and other skin issues that are related to menopause.

The good news is that there are now so many technological advancements that you can try. There is a range of skin therapies that can make your skin stronger. Various therapies include a hormone-therapy replacement, you can also use prescription hydroquinone products and explore anti-aging treatments available in stem cell clinics. One of the best stem cell clinic in California is FGAAA ( Feeling Good At Any Age The One Stop Rejuvenation Center).

FGAAA provides advanced and revolutionary procedures like stem cell infusion, HGH, HRT, and Reluma Cosmetics.

Take advantage of anti-aging treatments made available to you and look 10 to 30 years younger!

As you get older you start to develop dilated superficial blood vessels on the cheeks, chin, legs and even in your nose. To help combat these, you need to consult with the latest anti anting treatments so doctors can remove them through laser and many other advanced technologies. Stay informed and reach out to clinics that use radio frequency emitting devices that rely on heat to contract collagen so your skin can look tighter.

Make sure to avoid too much sun exposure, and do not forget to stay hydrated. Drink your liquids, and take in more beneficial fruits and vegetables as well as fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids to help boost your skin glow.

Strengthen Your Bones

When you reach the age of 60 your bones and joints start to become brittle. There is a wear and tear down of the cartilage and loss of fluid making the muscles weaker.

If you remain inactive and do not perform any exercises the deterioration of the bones is faster. This is why you need to incorporate exercise into your daily existence. Start with brisk walking and then incorporate exercises that are suited for your physique. To further protect your bones you must take Vitamin D and calcium supplements, the recommended dosage in their 60s is 600IU per day when you reach the age of 70 you need to increase this up to 800IU.

However, if the damage becomes too severe, and you encounter injuries there is another technologically advanced remedy you can do which can be found in Stem Cell therapy. If you get injured in the knees or you suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis you can consult a stem cell expert and see what treatment fits your condition.

Stem Cell Knee injections are now used to improve the knees, a fresh batch of stem cells are injected to regain the strength and power of the knees.

Increase the Speed of Your Metabolism

It is a known fact that as humans get older their metabolism slows down making it harder to lose excess fat. It can slow down for up to 5 percent per decade so when you reach the age of 60 it is now harder to lose weight. If you do nothing to combat this then the increase in your weight becomes steady.

The best thing to do is to cut down your sugar and calorie intake. You also need to also take vitamin B12. Consult your doctors as to the proper dosage of vitamin B12 supplements that you should take.

If you want to remain fit and keep your metabolism speed you can opt for modern solutions offered by stem cell clinics. Stem cell therapy can be used to combat obesity and help shed off excess weight. Metabolic disorders like diabetes, insulin resistance and high levels of blood lipids can be resolved through stem cell therapy.

Be careful of your diet, and do fasting from time to time. Decrease the intake of bread and avoid taking in fried foods. Strive to find food that is organically farmed and raised.

Make Your Heart Strong

Once you reach the age of 60 you are prone to a range of diseases and abnormalities in the body, at times this can include heart diseases. To avoid suffering from heart diseases make sure to keep moving. Do brisk walking, perform exercises and remain physically active. Avoid the risk of stroke by incorporating exercise in your daily life. Get the necessary amount of sleep of at least 7 hours a day and avoid overworking yourself to decrease the chances of developing heart problems later on.

What To Expect in Your 60’s?

In your 60’s your body begins to decline at a much rapid pace. Here is where age-related hearing loss begins due to the changes happening in the ear canal, eardrum and other structures of the ear. High-frequency tones diminish, your voice quality also diminishes.

Your eyes begin to feel plagued by dryness and most people in their 60’s begin to have a harder time seeing well in dim light and could no longer read with good quality. Macular degeneration increases and even the taste buds begin to decline. Without any prevention nor preventive care, the quality of life is diminished. Not only that your sex life decreases, and your sex-related hormones, as well as estrogen levels in women and testosterone in men, are affected leading to vaginal dryness, and the decline of energy in men.

Revolutionary Power of Stem Cells

Aging does not have to be about suffering and decline. You can choose to age gracefully.

Lourdes Duque Baron is living proof of the immense power of stem cells.

72- year old Lourdes Duque Baron looking Awesome and Stunning (2019)

Lourdes Duque Baron is an award-winning author, musician, producer, humanitarian and soon to be a film director. By the grace of the Almighty and the Power of Stem Cells coursing through her veins, she is able to boost her immunity and bodily defense.

Lourdes Duque Baron receives regular stem cell therapy from FGAAA ( Feeling Good At Any Age Clinic The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center) in California. As a result, her immune system is stronger than the average person who does not have a fresh supply of stem cells in their veins.

72 is the NEW 32 — taken July 2019 — in Garden Grove, CA USA The Ultimate Braglist – Lourdes Duque Baron looking Incredibly Young!

72 is the NEW 32 — taken July 2019 — in Garden Grove, CA USA The Ultimate Braglist – Lourdes Duque Baron looking Incredibly Young!

Her active lifestyle and exuberance for life are at an all-time high.

It is true that life has many challenges, but when you get to your 60’s you understand more of life. You gain wisdom, and every day becomes precious. It doesn’t mean to say that she doesn’t experience stressful situations, it’s just that her mind and body are better equipped for future challenges.

Stem Cell Therapy allows Lou Baron to remain creative, happy and energetic for her hobbies numerous projects. Stem cells injected in her body allow her to benefit from improved brain cells. These new brain cells allow her to learn new things with ease and remain focused. Her memory is sharp and her physical body is always on the go.

Because of fresh stem cells recently injected in her body, she is even able to record wonderful songs- Listen to this! Ultimate Proof! The voice of Lou Baron at 72!

Watch out for Lourdes Duque Baron’s third Book ” New Breed of Homo Sapiens Coming Soon!

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Looking forward to the new book. Stem Cells are of great interest to me. Alana