How to Age Beautifully?

Everyone will grow old, the stages will just vary. Some people age faster than the others, and some will be able to reduce the signs of aging using a number of techniques but nonetheless everyone will arrive at aging. However, not everyone can age beautifully and gracefully. But if you understand the key secrets of the body and the rejuvenating techniques that you can do, it is possible to ignite the forces inside the body that would help you age like a soothing and delicious red wine.

There are different reasons why people age, some because of harsh working environments and stress. While some age faster than the others because of their lifestyle, the food they eat, their spiritual beliefs or the lack therein. Aging is an internal factor that occurs inside the bodily system and once it happens, it affects the immune system and the rest of the body. While we cannot prevent people from getting older, because this is the natural way of life, we can in fact slow down the process and reduce the signs and symptoms. We do not need to decline fast, our bodies need not suffer early disintegration. There are lifestyle changes, mindset and rejuvenation techniques that we can now use so we can age beautifully.

So how does one age beautifully?

Eating the Proper Kinds of Food

Many of us fail to understand that the foods we are eating have a lot to do with our aging process. If we simply picked the right kinds of food, we can avoid body deterioration and sicknesses that are usually associated with aging. Many scientific discoveries are now realizing that losing weight and eating less food aids the body.

Taking less sugar or zero sugar at all can do wonders for the body. By simply decreasing our food intake, and doing intermittent fasting, the metabolic function of the body resets. By simply choosing to eat one meal a day a person can improve the condition of their liver and muscle tissue. However, individuals who are not able to do intermittent fasting, can opt to have 2 to 4 small snacks a day packed with fruits and fiber instead of fasting. 2 to 4 small snacks a day can help stave off hunger and improve the body.

Just make sure to eat more green leafy vegetables and foods rich with Omega-3 fatty acids. Simply avoiding processed meats, canned goods that contain flavorings like hot dogs and processed ham can already do wonders for the body. To age beautifully plan your diet well, and eat more foods like blueberries, cherries, spinach, carrots and vegetables. Skip processed foods and learn to prepare healthy meals, and remove soda in your diet. Avoid frozen pizza, and any form of junk food and fast food and you will already be assisting your body to age beautifully.

Move and Do more Exercises

The proper type of exercise can give the body many benefits. One of the most recommended kind of exercise so that the body can remain in a graceful and beautiful state is High Intensity training or exercises. It boosts a person’s fitness level. High intensity training and interval training are usually recommended for men and women who want to remain fit, and who want to keep their muscles at the optimum level. A high intensity level could last for up to 15 minutes but can provide a range of benefits compared with moderate exercises. Exercise is effective in decreasing saggy skin, especially once a person reaches the age of 40. Exercising weekly, doing brisk walking exercises, aerobics, hip-hop dancing, jogging and cycling one or twice a week can help skin appear brighter and smoother. Make sure to put in sunscreen before exercising out in the open, especially with cycling activities.

Proper Use of the Mind

You can exercise daily and train your body physically, but if you do not exercise your brain and think about proper thoughts then you will still age fast. To age gracefully you need to think of the right thoughts, you need to be creative and maintain your fun and zest for life no matter what happens. As we age, it is best to take up engaging activities that help keep the brain sharp. Take music lessons, dancing lessons, be as creative as you can and immerse yourself in activities that you love doing. Read books with different topics, and engage in healthy conversations. Fill your brain and program it with information that will help you cultivate and grow. Gain new hobbies like traveling to different parts of the world, gardening, or taking up new crafts and ideas that would help you avoid worrying and focusing on life’s problems.

Engage in diverse activities, learn about new music, make it a point to include singing in your daily life, do poetry reading, engage in story telling. Tap your inner artist and never let it go- Do projects that fulfill your soul. Learn to cook a new dish, or just explore and appreciate the city that you live in. Creativity has a lot to do with aging gracefully. It is never too late to write your own book, or direct or produce the film you have been thinking of. Take up painting lessons, creative writing, jewelry making, pottery and singing and make sure to attend wonderful and joyous concerts, art exhibits and other forms of activities that your brain would find very much rewarding.

Connect with God and Improve your Spiritual Life

The body does not live by bread alone, but by every word of God. If you want to maintain your happiness, and make your life filled with rewarding thoughts. You need to pray and improve on your Spiritual Life. Make it a point to open your Bible and feed on the every day words and inspiration of your Creator. Give thanks and praise and make sure to connect with God. Sometimes, we are too connected with the outside world, with the pain and the trivial things of this life, that we forget what truly matters- if you want to live life in peace, and to make sure that you will live a peaceful life then you need to have faith in God. Make it a point to talk to God, alone in your room meditate and ponder on the words of the Lord. The grace of God is what will sustain you, even in a turbulent world, if you anchor your thoughts in Jesus Christ you will not be led astray.

Engage in Meaningful life Activities

Lourdes Duque Baron is already 72 years old and is the very picture of aging beautifully and with grace. At the age, where most people are retired, grumpy and with lack of purpose, she is providing inspiration to countless of men and women worldwide who are seeking for a way to make life worthwhile.

72 is the NEW 32 โ€” taken July 2019 โ€” in Garden Grove, CA USA
The Ultimate Braglist โ€“ Lourdes Duque Baron looking Incredibly Young!

Lourdes Duque Baron, by the grace of God and with the knowledge and power of stem cells has been living the ideal life. At 72 years old, she has already authored 2 Award Winning books ” Scripted in Heaven”, and ” I Called Myself Cassandra. Only recently, she has announced the release of her most awaited book ” New Breed of Homo Sapiens“, a book that will discuss the details of the power of stem cells and rejuvenation therapy.

She is an ultimate living proof of a new breed of super humans walking on earth. Because of stem cells retiring is no longer a part of her vocabulary. Lou Baron was able to retain her good health, strong immune system and social connections with the help of rejuvenation therapies by FGAAA Clinic. Feeling Good At Any Age The One Stop Rejuvenation Center in California, is one of the best and open secrets in Hollywood by A-list celebrities and professionals.

Because of the Power of Stem Cells, she is able to maintain an active social life. Her mindset remains strong and enabled her to experience what we call as wonderful aging.

What is wonderful Aging?

Wonderful aging means being able to see the beauty of life and the world in any age. Finding meaning and purpose even in daily routines as part of health aging. Lourdes Duque Baron is able to find her work and life mission fulfilling. At 72, she is able to enjoy writing books, acting and producing films, making music with top music producers, including traveling the world and doing humanitarian work with Hope for the World Foundation,. Without stem cell therapy she won’t be able to do any of this!

But because of the stem cells coursing through her veins, she is able to continue and even enjoy activities that are supposed to be high stress for her age. Instead of sulking at home and watching the world go by, she is instead actively participating and even leading her community. Aging without stem cells put you at risk for a number of diseases, not to mention the decline of your immune system. People who reach the age of 70 and above, without the assistance of stem cells can suffer from lack of appetite, lapsed concentration and fatigue, including clinical depression, and eventually cease to work- but not Lourdes Duque Baron! She remains on top of her game, with improved physical health and even a boost in cognitive gains!

Enjoy Lou Baron’s music! Her voice at 72 years old due to the Power of Stem Cells!

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