How Stem Cell Therapy Triggers the Body to Heal Itself

Unlike existing therapies that alter the body forever, stem cell therapy goes in an entirely different direction by offering a way for the human body to trigger its own natural healing.

Why do humans age?

Most of the aging signs and symptoms in humans start at the age of 40, the signs and severity of symptoms will depend on the lifestyle of a person and genetic predisposition. As we grow older functional loss of stem cells play a big role in causing the body to age. Once aging occurs the body can suffer from multiple tissue and organ dysfunction.

Anti-Aging Stem Cell Therapy and Rejuvenation

Humans have two types of stem cells: the adult stem cells and the embryonic stem cells. In adult organisms, stem cells act as a repair agent for the body replenishing the adult tissues. While in a developing embryo stem cells can be differentiated into specialized cells while being able to maintain the normal turnover of regenerative organs.

4 Sources of Accessible Adult Stem Cells

  1. Adipose Tissue or Lipid Cells- this is extracted through liposuction
  2. Bone Marrow- this is a far more complex procedure as this requires extraction by drilling into the bone
  3. Blood- this procedure requires extraction through apheresis, blood is drawn from the donor and passed through a machine that extracts stem cells only after the procedure it would return the other portions of the blood to the donor.
  4. Umbilical Cord blood- this type of extraction is less practiced. This is a procedure after a woman gives birth.

Anti-Aging Research Advancements

Pioneered by Japanese researchers in 2006, iPSC technology offers new possibilities for anti-aging research. Japan medical researchers were able to reprogram cells that function like real embryonic stem cells, it has the ability to differentiate into any cell of the body and creates unlimited source of cells. This pioneering technology is known as induced pluripotent stem cells or iPSCs- where adult stem cells are genetically reprogrammed to go back to the embryonic stem cell like state.

Preserving Stem Cells in their Natural State

Medical researchers have already developed so many ground breaking innovations with the help of stem cells. Stem cell therapy is now used to cure a number of diseases and also offers anti-aging solutions. Penn University developed a system to collect and store stem cells without manipulating them, thus making stem cells available for administration via injections.

In their findings, they were able to know that stem cells directly collected from human fat- called adipose-derived stem cells or ASCs- are already capable of making proteins. Which means they can easily replicate and maintain their stability. Because of this research, anti-aging therapies have considerably improved through the years, offering to humans new and advanced ways to rejuvenate.

Stem Cells for Treating Diseases

Bone Marrow transplantation is already 30 years of age, it is reliable and already practiced in major hospitals worldwide. Bone Marrow transplantation is used to treat cancer patients and solve diseases like lymphoma and leukemia.

In 2012, a new stem cell therapy named Prochymal was also approved in Canada for the treatment of acute-graft-vs-host disease in children who are no longer responsive to steroids.

FDA has already approved five hematopoietic stem-cell products that make use of umbilical cord blood. It is now used for treating blood and immunological diseases, prolonging the lives of hundreds of patients .

Stem Cell Brain Injections and Reversal of Aging

Albert Einstein College is one of the first universities to tackle stem cell brain injections. They believe that one day stem cell brain injections would be viable in total reversal of aging. During their extensive clinical study they were able to give the old mice a new lease of life by transplanting stem cells straight into hormone producing areas of their brains. This research has opened the topic of humans possibly living for 1,000 years or more.

Researcher Dongsheng Cai lays down the groundwork and states the importance of understanding the hypothalamus. This section of the brain is the one responsible for secreting key hormones that controls the speed of aging of the human body. This function is attributed to the adult stem cells of the body, responsible for restocking the brain with neurons. In the research studies released, scientists were already able to slow down and reverse signs of aging in the body of people who were part of the clinical trials.

Uses of Stem Cell Therapy

Potential uses of stem cell therapy now include the cure for baldness, blindness, stroke, deafness including the healing of traumatic brain injury.

Stem Cell therapy researchers are already testing the effects of stem cell therapy on Alzheimer’s patients and Diabetes patients and there had been significant results.

Rebuilding the Muscles

In a study released by University of Rochester, they have come to the conclusion that the loss of stem cells in the muscles lead to the decline in the movement of mice. This also occurs in humans as we age, and they believe that stem cells hold the key to people being able to maintain their youthful strength. Scientists are now focused on coming up with a drug that will help humans maintain their stem cells pool inside the muscles. In several tests, injecting stem cells derived from human embryos were able to successfully treat multiple sclerosis in mice.

Mice who have been treated with stem cells were able to run and walk around normally, while those that were not given stem cells remain paralyzed. This research has given considerable hope for scientists that one day humans would be able to retain their muscle strength and live much longer with the help of stem cell therapy.

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Taylor Bishop
1 year ago

Thanks for the interesting article about stem cell therapy. You mentioned that the bone marrow transplantation can help solve diseases like lymphoma and leukemia. I’m interested to learn how much is transplanted or if it depends on the person’s situation.