How Stem Cell Therapy Impact Weight Loss & Aging

Our metabolism slows down once we reach our 30’s, and without proper exercise and proper food intake we can easily develop diseases like diabetes and obesity. On top of that, we also begin our path to aging, our stem cells begin to progressively get damaged due to stress, poor nutrition and wrong lifestyle habits like smoking until we finally die.
The body loses its ability to heal properly and some chronic problems may occur, especially with the kidney, liver, and digestive tract.

The food we eat and drink has a massive influence on our stem cells. The way our body processes energy metabolism depends on our lifestyle and how fast our stem cell can self-renew.

However, it is not always easy to determine what type of exercise and food our body needs. Eating fruits and vegetables every day, and even doing daily exercises doesn’t always guarantee that you will stop aging, or that you would be able to avoid suffering from Alzheimer’s, heart attack or cancer. We know a lot of famous people who still died young, and many celebrities are still aging before our very eyes.

Science has yet to determine the exact formula on how to manipulate the processes in the body so we can reach cellular reprogramming.

In order to become the best version of ourselves, it has to be a holistic approach. The mind and body, our life goals and spiritual goals have to be in tune with one another. Plus, we will require a much deeper understanding of our DNA and stem cells that comprise the body.

The Quest of Stem Cell Therapy Experts

The goal of stem cell therapy experts and those who believe in stem cell therapy is to understand how the body can attain self renewal. How can we manipulate the pathways inside the body so we can achieve cellular reprogramming. How to understand our energy metabolism processing so we can shed light and understand why we experience decline in tissue regeneration. Why do people age and why do we experience sickness and suffering?

We compare the human body to that of computer, filled with codes and data. Stem cell experts are studying how food affects our metabolism, how energy distribution occurs in the body, and what happens inside the body that causes some people to age faster, and others at a much slower pace.

The question then is can stem cells aid in losing weight? Can injecting stem cells in the body control diabetes? Can stem cells help cure cancerous cells? Most of all, can our own stem cells help us to lose weight faster and maintain the weight loss permanently?

Exercise and proper food intake, as well as fasting is said to help people in their quest for weight loss. But it is also common knowledge that losing weight on a permanent level without exercise is hard to do. Most of the exercises that people do only help burn the sugar inside the body and not really the fat.

What then is the solution to finding a long term solution to combat the signs of aging like skin sagging, obesity, diabetes, dementia, brittle bones and many others?

Is Stem Cells The Cure?

Other types of cells in the body have a limited lifespan, they die after dividing several times. Which is why the medical community has focused their initiative on stem cells.

Stem cells can reproduce forever, which is why it is immortal. Stem cells are efficient core parts of the body. It can decide to stay forever or it can forgo immortality and become an ordinary blood cell, a red blood cells or even a white blood cell.

There are also stem cells that can miraculously repopulate the entire bone marrow and create an endless stream of stem cells that can be used to help restore the immune system.

Stem Cell clinics are now offering a way for people to receive billions of stem cells via injection. Injecting fresh stem cells in the body can do various wonders, it can help assist in natural weight loss without the need for stressful diets, or usage of dangerous weight loss pills.

During a treatment, a patient can receive 200 to 300 million stem cells. These stem cells covers the daily losses inside the body. As we age we lose billions of stem cells, and the fastest way to recover and help rebuild the immune system and feel energized and on the go is through active cell replenishment. Once stem cells is injected in the body the bodily organs get rejuvenated and renewed. The new and active cells displace the old and damaged ones. It means that your body is given the chance to feel 10 to 20 years younger.

Living Testimonial that Stem Cells Work!

By the time we reach the age of 35, the cell production rate in our body begins to drop by almost 45%. This decline progresses until age 50 and by the time you are already in your 70’s, the cell production rate is down by almost 90 percent. But not for award-winning author, producer, singer and humanitarian Lourdes Duque Baron.
Most people in their 70’s start their boring retirement, they begin to lose hope, have weak memory, experience brittle bones and see life as bleak and lackluster.

Lou Baron on the other hand is helping shape and create what we would call as the New Breed of Homo Sapiens.

The New Breed of Homo Sapiens are individuals who have discovered the amazing wonders of Stem Cell technology.

Stem Cell therapy focuses on internal health, it doesn’t rely on band aid solutions to help fight aging and diseases. Instead it makes use of long term methods.

Lourdes Duque Baron is a receiver of billions of stem cells from FGAAA ( Feeling Good At Any Age- The One Stop Rejuvenation Clinic) in California. Her body is filled with high doses of stem cells that help treat the core cause of aging. As a result, her skin and bodily organs is rejuvenated and revitalized.

Hardly anyone would believe that Lourdes Duque Baron is already in her 70’s. This is because she doesn’t live and act like a 70 year old is expected to be. Her body clock is effectively turned back, causing it to run more efficiently.

A regular day for Lou Baron means recording at the studio for her new album. Writing a series of books that are set for worldwide release, she could be shooting a film this month or polishing a new script for upcoming films that she is going to direct.

Stem Cell therapy allows Lou baron to feel 20 years younger, this is why she doesn’t get plagued with chronic fatigue, instead she has increased energy and focus to finish whatever project she sets her mind to.

Stem cell therapy gives you a sharper memory, increased focus in your daily tasks. Aids in weight loss, improves your quality of sleep and gives you more things to look forward to in life.

To learn more about how Lourdes Duque Baron is able to live her life to the fullest, and to understand how stem cell therapy can change your life and make you feel healthier, happier and stronger check out the upcoming book of Lourdes Duque Baron titled New Breed of Homo Sapiens.

New Breed of Homo Sapiens outlines a range of topics that analyze and expound on human aging and the various disorders associated with the natural biological process. While dealing with an immensely scientific subject, Lou Baron, addresses her readers in clear, in-depth and easy to follow directive.

“I want my readers to fully understand and grasp the importance of this medical breakthrough,” she said. “We are talking about the future generations and the new breed of humans, and I want to bring the knowledge to the public’s door step,” she added.

As a stem cell advocate, she decided to share how Stem Cells continue to allow her mind and body to function at their best, allowing her to lead a fulfilling life.

Lou Baron credits stem cells for her energy and vitality in life.
” Stem cells will reverse aging and improve the quality of life for many, but it is not a ticket to immortality”, Baron noted.
Lou Baron is defying her age – she credits stem cells. “I am living proof that stem cell based therapy really works.” This was the spark that brought about the idea to write, New Breed of Homo Sapiens.


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