How Korean Celebrities took Over the Entertainment World?

Nowadays it is no longer unusual to see thousands of fans flocking to Korean celebrity led events, what was once the arena of Hollywood celebrities and musicians, became a shared stage and there seems to be no signs of stopping.

Which would lead you to the question of how? How was Korea able to dominate the entertainment industry? from TV Drama Series, Netflix Rom-com series to 500 Million Views on YouTube and 20,000 screaming fans on global stages worldwide. 15 years ago no one would have thought that Korean celebrities would dominate the entertainment world? The methods and strategy was seamless. Suddenly, the world is in love with anything Korean, from Kimchi, Samgyupsal, to the addicted 10 Step Skin care routine, the plastic surgery, the cultural phenomenon, to seeing BTS and BlackPink performing in Hollywood- a stage previously dominated only by Western Performers and no one else.

The Korean Wave or Hallyu

It was first driven by Korean dramas, well written short Television series that melted the hearts of everyone. From gallant men, to Korean celebrities that did amazing fan service. The Korean industry changed the ” Macho” industry of the West and replaced it with feelings of romanticism, much needed connection between the male and the female heroine in the story, with less need for sex scenes and more integration of nature, better cinematography and combination of nature, passion and love. With the help of the internet and social media, and supportive fan groups who connected organically the addiction for anything Korean became predominant until it reached the United States, European countries like Paris and even Saudi Arabia. In 1999, the Ministry of Culture and Toursim in South Korea realized that the Hallyu wave has stronghold. Korean dramas and Korean entertainment was embraced by the Chinese media. After China fell in love with everything South Korean- the world followed and the rest was history.

The Korean wave or Hallyu changed the way media was distributed. Suddenly, there was no need to rely on television or traditional media. Fans of korean shows simply shared their favorite movies and songs on social networking sites and online video sharing platforms allowing the Korean entertainment industry to grow organically overseas. Online media and active participation of internet users was the sole reason that the Hallyu wave increased. The internet became the active portal for promotion, distribution and consumption of various forms of Korean entertainment. Suddenly, you don’t need to be a Hollywood production to gain worldwide fame, you just need to have dedicated and loyal following online and you can achieve enormous popularity. Together with YouTube organic reviews from users and online fan sites, the fate of Korean stars was solidified.

The only thing that I desire in infinite quantity is the power of a noble culture. This is because the power of culture both makes us happy and gives happiness to others….— Kim GuBaekbeomilji (excerpt from March 1st, 1948)

The Hallyu wave or Korean wave is rooted in love for culture, and the idea is not to appear just noble, rather to share what makes Koreans happy, and to create entertainment that is focused on bringing happiness to others.

The 2001 Taiwanese drama Meteor Garden was adopted to series Boys over flowers and impacted the Philippine Television history, it garnered over 10 million views in Manila alone. after that the F4 rose to overnight fame spawning a sequel in KBS in 2009 a Korean Channel. Since then, so many Korean drama shows started getting manufactured. Shows like Winter Sonata and Full House became extremely successful globally. After that, the Korean entertainment expanded to strengthening the music industry and released music groups such as TVXQ, SS501 and then the ultimately successful group Super Junior in 2005. These groups created such an immense impact in the entertainment industry and shaped the Korean entertainment that we know today. The Korean wave got even more intense in 2013 due to Psy’s ” Gangnam Style” that became a Youtube sensation. In 2014 the girl group 2NE1 also changed the way Korean female singers and female girl groups were marketed. Today the world has Korean power entertainers like BTS, Twice, Black Pink and iKon as well as EXO.

Today most Korean celebrities are carving their names globally and selling shows and fun meet ups in the Philippines,Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, China, Indonesia even parts of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Paris and European Countries. Some of the most famous names are Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, and Lee Min Ho to name a few.

One of the biggest entertainment companies right now is Big Hit Entertainment. Many believe that Koreans were able to win over the world’s fans due to the positive influence of the music. Love and healing are banner campaigns of these Korean entertainment groups. Positive image and Loving Oneself is usually the messages of the song. From the ugly duckling, to the transformation of self healing and motivation.

Korean entertainment groups and celebrities are focused on providing comfort, and inspiring people through their music, movies and crafts. Koreans are also known for their need to strive for perfection. Korean celebrities are known to undergo massive training, it is not unusual to hear stories of how Korean celebrities are trained for more than 4 to 6 years before they debut on the world market.

The goal is to provide global trend leading content, to really provide excellent customer ” fan” experience. The Korean entertainment groups are centered on providing high standards and constant improvement of shows, always reinventing themselves, not only from their fashion or looks but also their creativity and artistry. Korean entertainment is more on immense fan service. They listen to what the fans want and grow together with the audience as time goes by. Making sure that the fans that they had for the longest time would remain, ensuring global success for the longest time possible.

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