How Can Sound Healing Boost Your Immune System During the Covid-19 scare?

You probably heard already that we live in a Vibratory Universe. Everything that we see, touch and feel are made up of energy that is called particles and this is in line with the laws of creation. The entire Universe we are living in is in a state of Vibration. This means that every organ, cell, bone, tissue, and liquid of the body is subjected to electromagnetic fields and that even if we don’t see them they are at work and influence the course of our lives.

Sound is measured in terms of Frequency or Hertz, and there is a growing field of medical science that believes in the power of healing frequencies. Live sound therapy sessions and other sound healing tools are ginging ground as sources of alternative healing. Sound healing tools include tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls, quartz crystal bowls, monochords including Shamanic Sound Healing traditions that are now often recorded and could be listened to for free in many Youtube channels all over the world.

What are Healing Frequencies?

Therapists and medical practitioners have reason to believe that sound or harmonic sounds are effective in healing the body. Music has the ability to heal the body naturally, upgrade the senses and boost the immune system.

After the Covid-19 pandemic was released and threatened human life, more people are feeling stressed. The news is panic-inducing, and many are now encouraged to quarantine themselves, several states are also demanding total lockdown. You can no longer go out of the house if you do not have a Home Quarantine Pass. People are becoming bored, stressed, fearful and anxious about what will happen tomorrow. Economic collapse is impending and it seems as if we are going to lose our mind.

This is when I discovered the Healing Frequencies, or the ability of sound to calm the mind and the body and to boost the immune system. By simply listening to healing frequencies that can be found on Youtube I was able to remain calm, even boost my body and reduce the painful thoughts I see whenever I close my eyes at night.

To calm down my senses, I decided to lay down on my bed at night, close all the lights and listen to these healing frequencies for an hour or two. I read so many positive comments about how healing music transformed the lives of people and figured that I would lose nothing by trying it myself. With the use of headphones, I began to pray and ask for assistance from Our Lord Jesus Christ and Archangel Michael to assist me as I listen to miracle tones online.

The miracle tones that I first tried, were the ones labeled as 432HZ miracle tones. Within a few minutes of deep breathing, I began to feel at ease and relaxed, my body started feeling a tingle, and my fingers did an involuntary twitch. It was scary at first, but as the music progressed I became calm and suddenly felt my stress going away. Whenever I feel too anxious, too worried over what I hear and read on the news I listen to healing music frequencies instead.

The effect on my body was so strong, I suddenly felt my knees and feet relax. I lost tension in my neck area and y shoulders began to feel light. I felt my thoughts slow down. I know some people might think this is something that only hippies do, and that there is still much to be proven when it comes to healing frequencies and music, but since we have no real cure, for now, no vaccines, no pills and absolutely nothing to help us boost our cells within, I figured that healing frequency is worth discovering.

The act of slowing down, listening to relaxing music worked like magic. The comforting sounds gave me the time to break away from reading stressful social media news and updates. At times, I even try the Guided meditation music, wherein a relaxed and calm voice tells me to imagine the forests and the trees. Instead of looking at nurses and doctors wearing masks, or people updating on the number of deaths I got to imagine trees and lush forests and gardens instead which did a lot of wonders for my mind.

Sound healing music has the ability to restore balance in the body. It creates a feeling of deep relaxation as it releases the listener from emotional pain. It releases fear and grief, cleanses unwanted emotions during a painful time. It is very helpful for people who want to boost their immune system by calming their minds.

Sound Healing is not new, in fact even during the time of Ancient Greece, healing music has already been used to cure a number of disorders including mental disorders. Plato and Aristotle are some of the well-known Philosophers who use music to help improve their mood. Hippocrates is also known for using music to help boost the system of his patients. During the time of King Saul and King David, they used musical instruments like the lyre to banish evil spirits that are tormenting human souls. Ancient cultures like the Native American culture also use songs to heal the sick and they are accompanied by dancing.

In the 1940s during World War II, the United States military has added music into their healing programs to help army personnel recover faster. Music therapy is real and should be added to every healing regimen. It is so effective because it helps patients induce positive brainwaves that boost the health of cells inside their bodies.

Listening to comforting and healing sounds help us become productive and creative. By simply reducing stressful thoughts and focusing on having a good and positive vibe, we elevate our senses. The healing music frequencies also increase the amount of dopamine that the brain needs like oxytocin, which is a natural painkiller.

What are Binaural Beats?

When one tone is played to one ear, and a different tone is played to the other, the two hemispheres of the brain connect and create a third internal tone that is the Binaural beat. Binaural beats are effective because they synchronize the brain, it offers mental clarity, alertness, and greater concentration. If you have a headache or toothache, you can listen to a specific binaural beat so it can override the pain brainwaves. If you have a hard time sleeping, you can play a relaxing song at night that will allow your body to go into a state of relaxation.

What Ailments can Binaural Beats help Heal?

Binaural beats can assist people suffering from anxiety, autism, depression, stress, PTSD and other types of pain including colds and flu. Not only that, but healing frequencies or binaural beats also help improve sleep, boost memory and concentration, give heightened awareness. A boost of energy when you want to feel energetic. You can select specific binaural beats for specific purposes.

Guided Imagery or Bonny Method

Guided Meditation or Imagery, assists people with physiological and psychological problems. An expert on guided imagery leads to the meditation process and records a calming video with sound that people can listen to while lying down on the bed. They could either watch the Youtube video with images suggested or be creative and close their eyes and imagine the photos and scenarios as instructed.

“There are two frequencies that the body resonates very well with, one is 432Hz and one is 444Hz, and they harmonise the patterns of our bodies. There are also certain tunings – 396, 417, 528, 639, 741, 852 – which do different things.

Shanna Lee, Life Coach based in California

There are a number of medical research journals that are already attesting to the positive effects of Healing Sound Therapy. The research titled ” Exposure to Music Alters Cell Viability and Cell Motility of Human Nonauditory Cells in Culture is one of them.

A number of studies are already suggesting the music may be used for medical care, with the belief that it has the power to alleviate stress in patients especially the ones who have undergone surgical procedures. Patients with cancer and patients who suffered from burnt skin can find healing assistance when listening to music.

Music is directly linked to emotion, the sound wave stimulation. Music has a direct impact on the mammalian cells, suggestive of the fact that a particular kind of music or frequency may help the body heal faster. There are some research studies that add music as a form of medicine or therapy for the patient. Doctors play compositions like Mozart’s Sonata and Beethoven Symphony to speed up the healing of patients. Doctors set up the music near the incubator chamber, together with speakers to create a controlled music environment that is highly conducive to the patient.

However, for this to truly work you need to incorporate sound psychology. To study sound further, experts say that low sounds relax us, while high pitches tend to stimulate. There will be different requirements per ailment, there are specific sounds that will respond to cancer, while there are some frequency sounds that only respond to their viruses and flu.

We have yet to conduct conclusive tests when it comes to healing frequencies. But there are a lot of people who have reported feeling relief. Listening to sound healing frequency is free, it is part of ancient primal programming of the brain and programs the subconscious mind. While there are no undisputed research based-back up evidence just yet, it doesn’t mean that healing frequency doesn’t work. We should not dismiss something that has the ability to improve our life. After all, all that you need to do is stay on your bed, and play a healing music sound video and listen to it using your earphones. If it gives you feelings of sensation and relief, then it is always worth a shot.

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