How a Pinoy Seaman turned his 5,000 Pesos to 5 Million by Investing in the Stock Market

Can you become a millionaire if you invest in the Stock Market?

The answer is Yes, you can become a millionaire by investing your money in the Stock Market. First, save as much as you can and then learn to compound the savings by investing them in different ways, one of which is the Stock Market. Investing in the Stock Market is legal, it is the only place in the world where you can have unlimited potential to gain money any time of the day, even while you are on-board ship or abroad.

But before you can become a Millionaire in the Stock Market you need to first Invest In Yourself and begin the Education Process. Not a lot of Filipinos are trained and educated to be financially wise. The curriculum inside the school is limited this is why only a few understand how to invest wisely. Engr. Arjay Magpantay realized this when he was young. He first thought that purchasing a basic life insurance would guarantee long term benefits however soon found that there are types of life insurance that become useless once you are not able to pay monthly. This is why he began being interested in the Philippine Stock Market. As a seaman he wanted to know how he can best use his hard earned money.

A lot of Pinoys are intimidated when they hear the word ” Stock Market Trader”, they think that stock market trading is too complex this is why he wrote a simple book for Seafarers and OFWs who want to begin understanding how the Stock Market works. Using Different Stock Market Strategies that he has learned he was able to turn his 5,000 pesos to 5 Million Pesos.

Engr. Arjay Magpantay is the Founder of a Multi-Million Start-up Corporation. He is also a business consultant and an Expert Stock Market Investing Adviser. He is the author of the best-selling book: Blue Chips: The Comprehensive Philippine Stock Market Investor’s Guide and ” The Trading Masters: Expert Tips from the Philippine’s Best Stock Traders”.

You can become a millionaire using different stock market techniques but first you should become familiar with the market itself. As a new investor or new trader you need to be willing to get trained. Remember that success and becoming a millionaire using the Stock Market does not happen quickly. You need to train your mind to become disciplined and to use your common sense so you can understand how to buy low and sell high.

There is no shortcut to the learning process, this is why Engr. Arjay Magpantay is advocating proper education of OFWs and fellow Pinoy Seaman. Avoid doing shortcuts because this can lead to losing some of your money in the live market. Before entering the stock market make sure to read, understand and listen to the experts and later on learn how to properly trade.

To become rich in the Stock Market, you need to GET EDUCATED FIRST. Take Beginner seminars and as you go along you would be able to create a trading plan based around a specific style so you can have a higher probability of having a positive financial outcome in the stock market. An average trader who has zero knowledge on stock market trading need to have 3 to 5 years experience at least.

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The Science of Getting Rich in the Philippine Stock Market created by Engr. Arjay Magpantay teaches how you can grow your money using LEGAL means. The online seminar will give you an idea of how the Stock Market works. It will give a direct recommendation on which stocks you should buy as a beginner, and would also teach you key strategies on when you should buy the stocks. It is a complete training tool for Beginner Stock Traders.

The Online Seminar also comes with a Free eBook BLUE CHIPS: The Comprehensive Investor’s Guide in the Philippine Stock Market once you enroll online.

Before you can become a millionaire in the stock market you need to understand how to perform chart reading or price action. You need to understand how training platform works and how to do proper money management. Not only that, you also need to build your unique trading beliefs and understand market dynamics.


  1. Visit the official website:
  2. The 1-Month Learning Access Fee is only P2,000, you can also try the 1-week online training for only P1,000.
  3. Deposit your payment to BPI ng Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation, Savings Account # 8103-1518-65.
  4. E-mail the Deposit Slip and include your Full Name and Email when you so the administrator can activate your online access.

Using the online access, login your username and password at so you can already start learning using the Online Presentations provided.

Azzet Maritime Consultancy Corporation is focused on training Seafarers and OFW’s. The goal is to provide proper financial education for Filipinos and to help you become a CERTIFIED STOCK EDUCATOR after you finish the online seminars.

Remember that investing in the Stock Market and receiving a good amount of money in return needs a lot of patience and mental work. You need to be willing to get Trained, to READ and to be Educated. You could also follow good stock advisers who have already done it. If you are new to buying stocks then start investing with the amount of 5,000. Assess the risk and watch the performance of these stocks. When it comes to Stock Market Investing, the only way to learn is to try. You can ask the counsel of Financial advisers who have already done it like Engr. Arjay Magpantay.

Train your mind by going through fundamental analysis and other materials and books that are available to you so you can turn your 5,000 Pesos to 5 Million Pesos or more!

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