Her name is Lourdes Duque Baron

It is said, that each of us is unique, so unique that who we are, how we lived our life can never be repeated again. The ripple we have created remains in the ocean of life forever and becomes an eternal testament of human life’s value and greatness.

When it comes to creating meaningful and exciting ripples in life, only one name comes to mind and her name is Lourdes Duque Baron.

Despite being a late bloomer,  she is exceeding expectations, at the age of 71 Lou Baron is still on top of her game, showing the world has vast number of possibilities- She took the ” Limitless” pill, and with that comes a force so strong, it has the ability to empower anyone around her.

A beauty queen, a humanitarian, an award-winning author, a film producer, a brilliant musician, an actress in her own right-  With the help of stem cell therapy and her natural zest for life, she continues to make astounding strides and keeps on destroying preconceived ideas about how humans should live, becoming a true testament to the saying that ” You can Feel Great At Any Age”.

With a recent album released this 2018, Lourdes Duque Baron cannot help but astound music producers, and even critics alike. Her voice is unbelievable, smooth, sultry and invigorating she brings life to old and new songs. One of the very few Filipinos who managed to release their albums and have a worldwide following.  Lourdes Duque Baron has already won countless of awards, citations and continue to produce noteworthy achievements and shows no sign of stopping.

Despite the hectic schedule, Lourdes Duque Baron is a spitting image of happiness and vigor. Always enjoying life and looking at the positive side.  One can learn from her tenacity, laser-sharp focus, and willingness to rediscover life and re-interpret it.   People can learn a thing or to from the way she handles stress and pressure, her ability to remain calm and gentle has helped her remain on top of things and issues inside and outside the entertainment industry.Lourdes Duque Baron is set to go back in the Philippines for a series of projects, a relaunching of the film ” Butanding”, with Precious Lara Quigaman,   an environmental advocacy film which was digitally remasted in the United States. She will also go for her most awaited World Book Tour, for ” Scripted In Heaven” and ” I Called Myself Cassandra” and to help out and spread the global mission to help of ” Hope for the World Foundation”.

During an interview, Lourdes Duque Baron told a blogger that ” “I can attract an international appeal to save these gentle creatures of the sea. And I can honestly say, that embracing back your roots and your native land, is the most endearing love that one could feel.”

Always with a kind word in mind, a gentle spirit she has helped in uplifting the people around her.  Lourdes Duque Baron serves as an inspiration, someone to aspire for, and an evidence of a good and loving Universe.





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