Groundbreaking Treatment May Prevent Blindness

Groundbreaking discoveries and medical research advancements continue to make the world around us better. Human life expectancy has increased due to revolutionary treatments and one of the most important discovery of man that would be a turning point for humanity is stem cell treatment and immunotherapy.

Pioneering Stem Cell Treatment

In the past, there is no way for acid attack victims to recover, the healing process could never take place and they have to live with blindness for the rest of their life. But due to the wonderful and groundbreaking advancements in science there is now a potential cure. Doctors and laboratories in the US and various parts of the world are focused on finding pioneering methods.

Stem cells is considered pioneering due to the fact that it can be used to treat an injury in the eye. The new treatments and discoveries of stem cell clinics like Feeling Good At Any Age The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center in California is proving to be beneficial in so many ways. FGAAA is one of the clinics who are doing clinical trials to prove the many health wonders of stem cells.

Stem cell treatment can cure injuries in the eye that is caused by acid burns cuts, as well as infections due to its ability to divide and head directly to the wound. New developments is offering hope to over 500,000 people across the world suffering from loss of eyesight due to chemical burns and other forms of accident. One controversial case that was involved in this topic is the TV personality in UK named Katie Piper who was attacked in 2008 and lost part of her sight.

Researchers of Newcastle University and University of Missouri did a case study on live corneal tissues from eye in a lab, they recreated the effects of chemical burns, and during the experiment they were able to find that stem cells had healing properties. By using collagenase, a tissue softening enzyme they could soften the affected or stiffened area. When this happens, the power of stem cells is enhanced and it is able to promote healing.

Dr Ricardo Gouveia said: ‘This study demonstrates a potential new way to treat injuries by changing the stiffness of the natural environment which we have shown changes the behaviour of the adult stem cells.’  

When stem cells repair a damaged cornea they quickly divide in great numbers and become cells which can make a solid membrane then move to the injury to seal it.

Understanding Corneal Transplant

Corneal transplant occurs when an operation is done to remove all or a part of a person’s cornea once there is damage or injury. During the transplant they will replace it with donor tissue. The operation is usually called as corneal graft or keratoplasty. Patients are usually given a local anesthetic during the operation, or they are completely sedated and it usually takes an hour to complete operation. There are aside effects on using this type of transplant, but those who want to take the chance can undergo it. Due to the creation of this treatment, doctors are now more adept in understanding how cornea reacts to injury, and from here they developed new ways to help improve eyesight.

Clinical trials enable doctors to create new strategies and they combine it with stem cell treatment and corneal biology to provide healing for certain eye conditions, including that of blindness. Due to the efforts of medical researchers, the collagenase formulation was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as well as the European Medicine Agency. More and more studies are leading to the promising effects of stem cell treatment on the eyes and could one day be used to heal blindness caused by corneal scarring due to cuts, acid attack and disease.

Acid attack victims could be saved from blindness after a 'revolutionary' treatment has been been tested by scientists. Pictured, TV personality Katie Piper who was left blind in her left eye following an acid attack in 2008

(Acid Attack victim)

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