A Glimpse of the Drug War in the Philippines: ” Hangyo”



The drug war issue in the Philippines is by far one of the most controversial issues the country is facing today. After President Rodrigo Duterte has announced this, the country has long been divided. There are some who believe that the punishment for suspected and convicted drug addicts is too much, while there are some who deem it necessary to purge the country of the long term ill of society—that which is an addiction.

Before Duterte came, the issue on drugs is no longer being tackled. In my hometown alone, it sort of became cool to use psychedelic and chemical drugs. It was everywhere, and you received no protection whatsoever. College students bring it to school and to parties and events like it was food or snack and while it is true that there are certain types of drugs that liberate the mind—the use of Shabu, Cocaine, and other chemical based drugs is still very much beyond the control of the human mind.

If you are not prepared to open your mind and consciousness of what you are about to see. Then the use or drugs can lead to addiction and suffering.

For how many have tried to escape realizing that you no longer need any drug substance to connect with the higher realm, you just need to dig deep within yourself and know that you are  in itself God expressing yourself as part of creation.

Being a movie buff, I have come across one interesting trailer for an Indie film. It was entitled “ Hangyo”. This is a film produced and written by award winning Director Willan Rivera. Within just a few days of release, it was able to get the massive hype on social media. As of this time, it has already received 800,000 views, something that is unprecedented when it comes to featuring Indie Trailer movies in the country.

This new and up and coming director uses a fresh style and has authenticity and street smarts that make his audience love him more.

“ Hangyo” trailer is just the first part, but I know just by looking at the directorial cuts and scenes and the way the characters were cast in the film that we are heading towards the golden age of Philippine movies.

Seeing the likes of Willan Rivera, emerge from an organic process is refreshing.  When I see directors like this, who are driven by their vision, I cannot help but feel supportive.

To watch the Trailer of Hangyo, check this link.

This film will give you an insight on the Drug War Trade of the Philippines. It would give you a wider perspective, something that the corporate media would not be able to tell you. Get the perspective right and the details fresh from the mind of one of the most promising Indie film director in Asia right now- Willan Rivera and the people who make the magic work together.

(c) https://www.facebook.com/HangyoMovie/

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