From a Shy Boy from Abra to One of the Best Influencers on Social Media | JC Tan Bites

Slowly but surely is the name of the game for this model, actor and now fitness Influencer JC Tan Bites. Who would have thought that a shy farmer boy from Abra could develop into one of the most sought after model and fitness influencer in the Philippines?

JC Tan Bites hails from Macray, Bangued and spent his elementary and secondary levels at Patucannay Elementary and Abra High School. He started his acting career back in 2013, it was in 2016 that he became a regular for ABS-CBN’s show Inday Bote.  He then proceeded to become a SMART commercial actor for the ad ” Break Barriers”, the ad went viral and is considered one of the biggest breaks for JC. In 2016, he was awarded by Cosmopolitan with the Best in Body Award.

After this he starred in advocacy films like the Hero Foundation’s ” Dahon”, and various print ads including McDonald’s, Biogenic, Cobra with Coco Martin and several TV appearances for GMA regular TV shows like ” Kambal Karibal”, ” Daddy’s Gurl” with Maine Mendoza  and only recently ” Pamilya Roces”.

JC Tan Bites has also starred in different films like ” Amo” and ” Right to Kill” by Award-winning Director Brillante Mendoza.

JC Tan Bites continues to be one of the most followed male health fitness influencers in the Philippines, with over 70,000++followers on Instagram he easily rakes up thousands of likes, shares, and comments. Surprisingly despite the fame, and being featured in numerous social media pages he remains humble and focused on the goal. Not to mention, one of the best fitness experts on social media.


He posted a photo of himself, for the 10-year challenge when the craze went on, fans were surprised to see the transformation. From ugly duckling to one of the most sought after male influencer for different health products like Healthy Meals PH  and tech products in the Metro. You could not help but agree that working on your body and being the best that you can really pay off.


Nowadays, despite the newfound fame, he continues to engage with fans in the most genuine and authentic way possible. Influencers need to be able to engage their audience to be effective, a lot of followers and fans continue to support JC Tan Bites, due to his fun demeanor on social media, giving a refreshing take on how Influencers can inspire people to be the best that they can be.

Follow him on tan_jc23

Influencer marketing is becoming personalized and targeted.  Influencer marketing fits certain brands or products that want to be introduced in a certain way. JC Tan Bites was tapped as a fitness influencer because he personally embodies the training and discipline of someone who was able to change his physique to achieve a certain persona making him an effective individual to advertise healthy meal products.

Kali Alaia is working on different types of influencers on the market, personalized and gets in touch with different brands on the best way to present themselves. Influencer marketing will get bigger, it is not yet widely understood but as brands start to understand personalized marketing approach- the value of influencers and their online presence should not be underestimated.


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