First Movie in Asia to use Digital De-Aging Technology

X-Men: The Last Stand, Robert De Niro’s ” The Irishman” and Brad Pitt’s ” The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” are the very first films in Hollywood to use de-aging technology.

(c) Los Angeles Times

This digital de-aging tech does not simply make use of photoshop technology, instead they make use of visual effects to make wrinkles evaporate, hair recover its youthful shine and make jowls disappear.

The viewers can really see the actors look 20 to 40 years younger, or older using reverse tech. It is a way to make older actors seem young and ready for action.

Wrinkles will be ironed out on computers, age spots will also be removed. The color of the hair can also be darkened. It can be altered in any age desired.

Award winning actress- singer and author Lourdes Duque Baron has set her heart into doing the first movie in Asia that will make use of De-Aging technology.

Lou Baron will play the role of Elizabeth Cooper ( Dimples Cooper) a Filipina film actress, vaudeville dancer, and singer Dimples Cooper was known for being the mistress of General Douglas MacArthur.

She was a vod-a-vil showgirl and the star of the first Filipino film that featured the first lips to lips kissing in Philippine Cinema—but General Douglas MacArthur, one of the most powerful men of his time, would fall for Dimples Cooper and kept the actress like his concubine, far from the prying eyes of his mother and the rest of the world

De-Aging tech will create CGI images of Lourdes Duque Baron in increments of 10 ages. When she was in her 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. At 73, the de-aging technology and power of stem cells will give Lou Baron the chance to play Dimples Cooper in different stages of her life.

From the very first time she meets Douglas MacArthur, the moment she enters Hollywood and takes her chance as an actress, and until her very last moments before she committed suicide.

From Left: Dimples Cooper, Douglas MacArthur and Lou Baron At age 20

The film will focus on the redemption that Dimples Cooper had, the love she experienced while she was still living despite all her struggles.

Digital de-ageing opens up the possibilities to have stories with multiple timeframes like that of Dimples Cooper’s life. It will let actors play roles that perhaps they might not be able to in the same story. It will be a total digital rebuild of the face and the head but it will be Lou Baron who will be the one acting in the entire film, there will be no need for body doubles.

With the help of digital de-aging,footages of a young Dimples Cooper can be achieved. Machine learning and deep fake technology will be combined to create new frames- and will be blended in the real footage as needed.

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