FilAm Rapper and Former US Marine Cancer Survivor Inspires through Hip Hop Music | BAGYO

” Music helps me a lot, “I forget things, especially through the chemotherapy, radiation, but I tell you what when I’m in the booth, and I’m spitting lyrics, why can I remember all my lyrics? I can remember the lyrics, it’s pretty amazing!

After surviving Iraq while serving as a U.S Marine Corps and returning home with post-traumatic stress disorder, BagYo as family, friends, and fans would call him learned later on that he was fighting two types of cancers- this has changed the way he perceived life completely.

In 2017, while still with the Vet Center, he was diagnosed with 2 cancers, Multiple Myeloma, and Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma, with the VA and military linking both these cancers to his service in and out of the country.

He has undergone every possible treatment imaginable after doctors told him that his life expectancy is only up to 5 years. He even underwent stem cell treatment therapy and together with immense Faith in God and the support of his mother Ludy Gilkison their family remains steadfast in sharing a positive message to everyone who encounters their life story.

BagYo uses rap and hip-hop music to remain confident and inspired. Mark Villamac Ho spends a lot of his time in the music room at Norco College, sharing his talent with others. His training as a former U.S Marine who was first deployed during the initial invasion of Iraq back in 2003 has helped him train his mind to persevere. While the natural inclination to love music has given him courage and hope.

“I had this cassette tape with one of my flows of a recording I had, and I brought it into the Marine Corps and played it in the barracks, and one of my Marines said, ‘Oh look! Cpl. Ho raps!'” Ho recalled.

BagYo left the Marine Corps in 2007, and like many others, he also suffers from PTSD and spends a lot of his time helping other veterans who experience similar problems. His music has helped him through the toughest ordeals in his life. Music has been a way for him to encourage people from different walks of life.

BagYo is originally from Pasay City, but has spent most of life in Los Angeles, California. At an early age, he already feel in love with hip hop music. Apart from being a rap star, he is also a boxer from Rancho Cucamonga’s Warzone Boxing Club and also served as a Combat Veteran during the Operation Iraqi Freedom.


He is back on the Hip-Hop music scene and only recently performed on Wish 107. 5 USA: The Roadshow and had a recent interview with Manila UP International Magazine team regarding the release of his latest songs.

Featured on ReverbNation is BagYo’s music tracks: His featured songs include: ” Jeepney”, “Get Money”, ” Day One” along with bonus tracks.

Check out his song Bagyo Feat Bryant Woodert- Going Back (final) on his official page

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