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Emotions have an immense impact and dictate the way we build and interact with the people around us. Our emotional response can make or break us. This is because we have another consciousness operating that is directly influenced by whatever we feel and that is our subconscious mind. Our emotions guide us and direct us to do things we love, it is also a factor that allows us to differentiate on what we love, what we are inspired about and by understanding our emotional responses and what motivates it- we can establish better emotional relationships. 

Feel-Good Emotional Marketing

If you want to become a good marketer, you need to learn how to empower your audience. You need to be able to create content that will help them feel good about themselves. Emotions play a key role, and everything inside the advertisement can be used to create an emotional effect.

For example, when you are selling luxury bags and expensive perfume- you need to be able to translate the exclusivity and premium effect of the product. Just by reading the words and looking at the poster online and offline, your potential buyer should be able to transport themselves into the lifestyle you are selling.

As a good marketer, you also need to be able to build rapport, to look and feel trustworthy through carefully selected words. You should be able to give a relatable story that your audience can identify with. The main goal is to establish trust between you and your clients, to build a friendship connection between the brand and the consumer that lasts. 

Tapping to Happy Emotions

Most of the advertisements and modern-day advertisements that we have relied on creating positive emotions and actions. The story inside advertisements, online ads and video ads implies a feeling of contentment and happiness. The viewer has to be able to see themselves having fun, the advertising or marketing spiel that you are using should help them boost their mood so they can smile back. When the readers are happy or the target market is happy with whatever they read and heard about this could urge them to go to a particular online shop to buy or to share whatever they have read like a viral content with their family and friends. 

An effective marketer should be able to create shareable content. Because a well thought out content is better, a good concept and a well-crafted story filled with insights would be able to convert more people. A story that appeals to the right emotions will guarantee marketing success. 

Creating Empathy 

Creative marketers know how to use the power of different emotions. There are some who won’t rely on feeling good emotion marketing alone. They could also use sad stories to create empathy. If people could empathize with the content and the lives of the people they are reading, they can also be called into action. 

By eliciting empathy and understanding sadness can help develop trust and generosity. Studies have shown that participants influenced by oxytocin gave more money to charity than those not exposed.

The Element of Surprise

If sadness and feeling of happiness are already overused as marketing ploy for viral articles, then the element of surprise could be used instead. There are some shows that rely on feelings of fear and surprise. Crime shows for example and suspense thrillers, as well as Short zombie films, are at times used to create impact. The brain of the person watching goes into a fight or flight response and the brain produces stimulation after the frightening experience is over. The end result is that a person feels better once the ordeal is over. This is also one of the effective marketing tactics that we can use with our daily online marketing. 

People who felt fear while watching a film or advertisement, tend to feel a greater affiliation with the present brands. They associate the brand with the happiness, fear, sadness or excitement that they felt while watching. Making this process a highly rewarding technique. 

However, brands must be careful in choosing fear as their subject, they need to understand the impact and implications. Some people will respond to it positively, while some might react in a  negative way because there are people who also hate watching something scary or gory. 

Feelings of Anger and Disgust

Environmental campaigns or green advocates rely on campaigns that produce anger and disgust so they can make people move into action. Anger can lead people to move or to feel stubborn about an issue until something is done to change the matter. 

Emotions are powerful and very strategic if you know how to use them to your advantage in everyday life.  Learning to track your audience’s emotions is vital. Once you understand their key responses you can work on your target marketing goals. 

 Our emotion tracking software is the market-leading product to reliably discover what your audience is feeling when.

‘What gets measured gets improved’

  • This allows producers to take control of their viewers emotions to build the ultimate journey
  • This allows marketers to create highly targeted marketing campaigns delivering more value
  • Product creators can create products that deliver the highest levels of user satisfaction.

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