Doomsday Preparation for the Super Elite

Australia’s massive bush fires, rumors of World War III and the fact that the earth is shaking little by little seems to allude to the fact that Doomsday might not be in fact as far away as we want it to be. 30 years ago, people would have seen doomsday preparations as a bit absurd and only wackos are doing it, but with the recent turn of global events, the people who have prepared for their survival do not seem so crazy after all.

We have heard of prophecies of the ‘End Times’, the Bible has warned us extensively, even Nostradamus and Hopi Indians predicted it, and countless of prophets of the ages. We have been warned of the Nibiru/Planet X, sudden pole shift future plagues, EMP blast, a solar kill shot, Armageddon, a supervolcanic eruption, the Big One, killer asteroids, comets and even the zombie apocalypse.

The super-elite has always been ahead of the information game, people who are living in luxury and style have the tendency to receive top and early intel that led them to start creating strategic plans and methods to prepare for the potential apocalypse. Some of the most common trends by preppers and billionaires are to secure land in New Zealand. This country has become a popular spot to go to just in case a calamity strikes. One of the most high profile billionaires to do so is Peter Thiel. A high profile backer of Donald Trump.

Peter Thiel already tried to secure a New Zealand Citizenship, and his company purchased a huge land property in there and started some start-up ventures.

Some like Steve Huffman, founder, and CEO of the online community Reddit is also getting a Lasik, so he can see clearly and move around just in case emergency strikes. Getting Lasik surgery does make sense, because should the apocalypse arrive, getting contacts or glasses would be extremely hard to do.

Luxury preppers are not just going for eye surgery, they have also accumulated guns, ammunition, and motorcycles, so they can avoid traffic jams during the crucial evacuation.

PREMIUM Terra Vivos doomsday lux shelter
Robert Vicino standing out front the entrance of Terra Vivos, the luxury underground shelter community he owns and runs.
Photo courtesy John B. Carnett

Part of the doomsday preparation of the rich is creating doomsday bunkers. Some like Facebook product manager Antonio García Martínez has already stocked up with generators, solar panels, and ammo. Many are seriously considering the fact that the earth could, in fact, suffer from the apocalypse and are not taking any chances.

Many conservative preppers in the United States have started hoarding canned goods and gold coins, as well as buying safety gear. Most elites also purchased armored vehicles, bulletproof and could be used for days without refueling.

Some are also buying some Bitcoins and other digital forms of assets that are not linked with the government just in case a civil war takes place. This pattern and habit is not something new, almost half of Silicon Valley billionaires have already secured a bunker or a second vacation spot where they can run to just in case things go terribly wrong. It is part of the usual dinner and party conversations of the elite, to think of the worst-case scenario and simulate the strategic solutions that they need to employ in order to survive. This is a logical thing to do, and most tech CEOs have made certain preparations.

A number of companies around the world are already focused on this, even in countries like the Philippines, there is an elite institution already prepared for these types of scenarios offering amenities for doomsday and providing information on how more people can survive longer. There are companies that are now building and managing high-end shelters around the world. And these high-end shelters often include a pool, and underground garden and simulated natural light.

The Luxury Survival Condo in Kansas comes with several amenities including a rock climbing wall, a library, a bar and even a pool.

Bill Gates is in fact rumored to have bunkers on all of his properties, as well as secret shelters for the families of their staff. Sale of these custom high-end underground bunkers grew in 2015 for up to 700% and will surely increase in 2020. The luxury bunkers for the apocalypse were made to last for generations and could hold 1 year’s worth of food per resident, it can even withstand massive earthquakes.

A 5-Start shelter bunker in South-East London was created to protect key government employees should a nuclear winter arrive. Developers are making sure that these residences are fitted with almost everything necessary including movie theaters, gaming areas, swimming pools, gym and even a place for pets. Luxury bunkers such as this are equipped with purification systems, hydroponic gardens, medical facility and areas where they can continue growing plants and taking care of fish and other wildlife for food. Including a place for books and educating the children who will be left behind during the apocalypse.

Luxury Survival Condo

Developers like Larry Hall’s in Kansas designed survival condos that can withstand a nuclear attack. Many elites are sold on the fact that having luxury bunkers and an escape plan is definitely a worthy advantage that is even better than any other asset there is.

One of the largest billionaire bunkers in the world is The Oppidum. This is a top-secret facility, no one knows where it is located but it is a joint project between the Czech Republic and Slovakia and was first created in 1984.

The top-secret luxury bunker was designed according to owner preference, most come with underground gardens, spa, and wine vault and was created to be as comfortable as possible.

The Missile Silo Bunker

This was also created by Larry Hall in Kansas, it has walls that are nine feet thick and includes a library. The Missile Silo top-secret bunker for the apocalypse retails at $3Million. It looks like a miniature crew ship and includes a bar and lounge.

The Vivos Europe One

Luxury bunkers for doomsday usually include massive AV system, Sonex lighting control, Surveillance, Planar Video walls, LED projectors, wireless network system, iPad control, Intercoms, in-wall touch panels, and screen window landscapes for people to feel as though they are viewing the real wide world to reduce anxiety while inside the bunker. A lot of technology has been incorporated to allow people to lead a normal life should they need to stay for years inside the bunker.

The Seed Vault Bunker

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault is located 810 miles away from the North Pole. Several countries have contributed to the construction of the bunkers way back in 2006. The facility stores seeds from a variety of plants just in case a major fall out of earth occurs. The bunker for seeds currently holds 420 million seeds.

The vault is protecting the world’s agricultural genetic diversity and protecting our future food supply in case of catastrophe.

The Atlas Survival Shelter: $60,000

The doomsday bunkers are largely fueled by the Scriptures, those who are deep into the faith rely on what is written in the Holy Bible. In the revelation, there is a description of how the world will end, and how the dead will rise. The Bible also discussed the Four Horsemen and the Apocalypse figure and the eventual arrival of the Anti-Christ. The world will be in the state of turmoil, and only those who call upon the name of Jesus Christ and truly repent, surrender and believe will be saved. Modern-day bunkers for the apocalypse is not something new, we won’t be surprised is the Vatican has indeed prepared for it too.

Not everyone can afford a billion worth facility that can house everything that is needed during the end of the world, that is why an option was made for the middle class and the newly rich. This is called the Atlas Survival Shelter that offers buyers relief from tornadoes and other calamities. While it doesn’t have a theater or a swimming pool it still gives comfortable housing. It is made from corrugated steel and is buried 20 feet underground, it can withstand bomb blasts, nuclear and chemical as well as biological disasters and accommodates three to four people at a time. It comes with blast doors, air filtration system and under-floor storage. The shelter doesn’t come with a shower, but it has a flushing electric toilet, a television set that doubles as a security monitor. The shelter is sold at Alamonte Springs, Fla, Army-Navy and already comes with furnishings. The best fact about it is that it is moderately priced.

Underground Bomb Shelters

For people who of course don’t know where to buy or access bomb shelters, building a bomb shelter could be an option. In America there are organizations that are already specializing in creating underground bomb shelter fabrication and people can avail of these services for $20,000 depending on the inclusions. These bomb shelters usually have Geiger counters, radiation alarms, and underground filtration devices. Some are also fitted with survival meal packages, books about nuclear blasts and specialized emergency preparedness kits.

Sales of bunker shelters and doomsday shelters are not something new. As early as 2007 people in Japan are already preparing for it. The constant tropical cyclones, rumors of war and attack from countries like North Korea, never-ending earthquakes have also triggered the need of Japanese people to create bunkers that are safer.

Seiichiro Nishimoto, CEO of Shelter Co., poses wearing a gas mask at a model room for the company’s nuclear shelters in the basement of his house in Osaka, Japan. 
Kim Kyung Hoon/Reuters

These bunkers could be used in case a natural disaster or terrorist attacks happens. It is for unforeseen catastrophes. Most of the bunkers in Japan have a gas mask, a device to detect radioactivity levels and other emergency goods.

Doomsday Preparation for Elite Pinoys

For the fabulously wealthy and super-elite Filipinos, most of the preparations done are to purchase an unnamed Eastern Europe nation. The location can only be accessed by personal airplanes or helicopter and over 100 residents can be housed for five years.

You can bet on it that Billionaires like the Sy and the Ayala family most probably have already planned their way out, and have purchased and even created luxury doomsday bunkers for themselves. Most luxurious mansions have in fact doomsday bunkers and even some luxury hotels have them.

Doomsday bunkers give a form of peace of mind or a sense of security. While we will never really know if we would be able to ride out and remain alive when the apocalypse happens, we humans are still logical creatures and would do our best to prolong our survival.

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