Don’t Pity Me: I actually love eating alone

Perhaps it is the writer or introvert in me, but I honestly love eating alone and have no qualms about it. While it would also be nice to dine with someone, going out and tasting new food or a having coffee alone is not something I dread.

In fact, I have always been delighted when eating alone, it gives me a lot of freedom to choose and be my weird self on the table. I get to ask the waiter or the waitress which food will they recommend, what is the best seller and I can soak in the feeling, the mood for a few minutes- I like the peace and quiet of not having to decide how I should act when I am with someone- and it has become an enjoyable act, always an experience- I can observe and document every experience- it also allows me to reflect on my life and bless the food- for a few minutes. I love the feeling of eating alone and not being rushed by anyone, no need to create or sustain a conversation- I can stare at the lovely dish, I can marvel and check the lighting, and listen to the sound of the entire room- dining alone relaxes me- and I really savor the feeling when I am outside- trying out something new. I feel like Anthony Bourdain trying to discover one dish at a time, one cake a time, ordering different dishes that I have not tried before and memorized the ones that I do love.

Eating alone helps me escape, its sort of a ritual- a way for me to just chill and let my thoughts flow. Whether you believe it or not, I love my own company and really like the way I get to act as if I am Gordon Ramsay secretly judging the food on my mind. Eating alone, has become this adventure for me- it is a time for me to explore the teacups that a particular restaurant has- you see I have never liked the feeling of being rushed, and always loved the fact that when I eat out, I don’t have to negotiate with the next person- on how to go about with the meal- I can decide to be whoever I want to be- and I can have my mind to myself for a few minutes- for the entire time I would just relish the taste of cake in my mouth, may it be blueberry or yogurt- my mind works best when eating or discovering restaurants alone- and just feel comfortable about sharing the experience online- I find that there are very few, who understand this need to explore the world in a certain way- and since I always knew that my mind works a little different than most- eating out, and being with myself- is always a treasure.

It is usually weird for me, when people I know say, they dread eating alone, that they feel scared about it. Eating alone has become normal for me. I usually have a hard time convincing people to be ecstatic with the simple things, and when I am with someone, they somehow diminish the excited feeling for me when I eat- still I am open for a  person like me who would one day enjoy the little things they discover, the colorful shops, the tasty coffee- it would not hurt to dine out with others once in a while and remember the experience- its just that dining alone,  is something a person can celebrate and it kind of applies to every aspect of my life- because I can enjoy eating on my own- I am able to have freedom and the fear of not being accepted or left behind no longer visits my mind- I am able to get out of any form of dependence and it has made me a better person.

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