Do you have a Scarcity Mindset or Abundance Mindset?

After an article was released about a helicopter by demand service in Manila for 6, 900 pesos from Makati to BGC a lot of Filipinos were bitter about it, stating how the service was only made for the rich and how they will never afford it in their lifetime. Some even went to the extreme by hating and dissing the entire company who crafted the idea- putting all the hate and blame in the government and everything on sight- which is nothing sort of typical for people who are not yet able to release themselves from the Poverty or scarcity mindset.

Scarcity mindset is classified as an unhealthy form of mindset. People who believe in scarcity despise things like wealth, success and opportunities. Luxurious things sound unattainable and more often than not this belief leads more people to experience fear in their life. People who are not able to see the other side of the coin, and who do not fully understand wealth and the real abundance mindset will think Bill Gates is evil despite the many things that he has done for society to ease poverty. Regardless of how much Bill Gates helped, he will be seen by people with a scarcity mindset as someone undeserving. He is evil simply because he has a bigger slice of the pie, a pie that most people won’t really even bother learning how to get if they had the chance.

To whatever extent you find yourself resenting rich and successful people, you have a scarcity mindset. To be genuinely happy you need to truly feel joyful for the success of others.

Abundance Mindset

Abundance mindset on the other hand is having the ability to believe that there is more then enough resources to go around. Resources and wealth can be a win-win situation for everyone, and anyone has a fair share of achieving their goals- there is a better way to do things and that opportunities are never lacking- new ideas, new trades, new businesses and new sources of wealth is always being created globally.

People with scarcity mindset are not able to collaborate with others, because they think that the gains of others will be their losses. People with an abundance mindset are not threatened by other people and other companies. They see everyone as part of their ecosystem, there is no need to kill other businesses, rather a person with a real abundance mindset will include everyone as a partner. People with an abundant mindset can see opportunities in everything and they are open to exploring new ideas from other people. If a friend, for example, becomes wealthier than them they don’t mind because these friends will bring them wealth as well. Creating value is always connected with people who believe in abundant mindset. Value and wealth always co-exist and that nothing is impossible for people who believe in Abundance. People with an abundant mindset never compete, rather they are running in theor own race and pace- enjoying life and its luxuries.

Divinely Inspired

People who believe that there is a Divine God and Divine Spirit Guiding their every move will not have fear in their hearts. Without fear and worry, people tend to offer more value for others, and in return achieve more in return. People who have the abundance mindset look for ways to help others, instead of looking for ways to dupe others. Because they know that as they help others they also grow. Companies and entrepreneurs with an abundance mindset never hard information to themselves. They share opportunities for others to grow as well, and they are generous with their knowledge and skills and tend to do more than what is asked of them.

Rich People Choose their own Destiny

Rich people believe they create their life, it means that regardless of the status of the government, there is a way around it. Time and time again we see billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Ma, and Jeff Bezos dictate the rules. Their businesses are not limited by current government rules and situation. Entrepreneurs who are the best at what they do change the entire game. The reality is everyone has their own share of bad breaks and experiences, it will just depend on what people do with the experience. They can either use the experience to diss life completely or create something new out of it.

Everything Can be Turned Into An Opportunity

Say for example Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, both have had their sex tapes leaked. If they took the incident by heart and believed they will no longer go anywhere they would have taken their own life out of humiliation but instead, both made an even bigger business empire that made them even more popular and rich. They see everything as learning opportunities and it is a joy to be around them, for people with an abundant mindset are never jealous- they know they are rich in the soul and believe in themselves so much they do not see the need to compete with others.

People with an abundance mindset are big dreamers, they set the bar so high it feels trippy! Instead of dreaming for a 300,000 pesos salary per month why not dream about receiving shares of 5 million a month instead? In doing so, you push yourself to think higher, your research is wider- you begin to dabble in things you would never even try if the bar is so low. In believing that you will one day seat on a private jet plane, touring the world comfortably your mind looks for ways to open that reality to you- dream so high it shocks you and pushes you to go further.

Rich people admire other rich and successful people. Poor people resent rich and successful people.

People with abundance mindset risk more, they don’t stop just because they experience a few failures in their life. People with scarcity mindset stop on the first or second try, if they enter in business and they fail once or twice they stop being resourceful. They stop believing that entrepreneurship is for them, and they go back to their usual routine- the comfortable life where there is not much risk- but Google one of the biggest companies in the world, has far more projects that failed. If you will view the amount of projects that Google failed in, there you would know that the higher number of mistakes, the better the experience and the farther you will go. A person who has the abundant mindset doesn’t stop learning and doesn’t fear failing- Failure is only temporary for as long you are trying you improve every single day and that is what truly matters in life.

Luxurious Vibe

A person with an abundant mindset is no afraid to dream and reach for aspiration goals. In fact, the bigger the dream, he more luxurious it is, the better because it creates a standard, an opening to achieve more, to experience more and to be more- The real Alta is imbibed in Spirit and anything and everything that is connected to the luxury lifestyle is incorporated in their soul, lifestyle and well-being.

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