Did You Know that Stem cells can now regrow bones for reconstructive surgery?

Even up to the present time, scientists are still expanding their knowledge about stem cells and how it can transform human existence as we know it. The latest developments in stem cell research are astounding. The latest research from Stanford has identified the human skeletal stem cell, creating a family tree of stem cells that could regenerate the bones and the cartilage.

The bones could either be isolated from existing bones or generated using cells in fat, they are easy to predict making them the perfect candidate for doctors to use for treatments. To reach this breakthrough they had to compare the mouse’s gene expression profiles with human cell types that they found growing at the end of the bones. The group found cells with similar proteins as those of the mouse skeletal stem cells, that allowed them to help find markers on human cells.

This means that doctors can now heal broken bones at a much faster rate, and repair the cartilage or even grow new bones for reconstructive surgery. Because of this breakthrough conditions like arthritis and osteoporosis can be less serious. This breakthrough is just the beginning and in just a few years scientists would develop more ways to heal serious fractures and take total control of the effects of aging in the body. The research also showed that certain other cells from liposuctioned fat can now be induced to become skeletal stem cells, which means that a cheaper and much more abundant source of stem cells has now been found. According to researchers, there is still much to do, but this is already a big step forward.

Big hopes are seen for face reconstructive surgeries- humans would now be able to do the impossible in the next decade. it will change the regenerative medicine and human aging could be slowed down as science finds a way to create joint replacement methods faster with the help of stem cells.

Source: Science News 2018



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