Did Rihanna’s Fenty Accidentally Start A Revolution in Skin Care ?

L’Occitane, for example, made the big move of acquiring Elemis skincare brand in a plan to have the worldwide following in Asia. Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, and other countries were not really prioritized by the skin care industry before, but due to the immense success of Fenty and the introduction of personalized skin care for clients, and the undeniable global buying power of Asia- trends are changing. Some of the best products in the market like Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream will be introduced in the Asian market- after Elemis was acquired for $900 million.
The skin care industry and the shift in the minds of buyers are shifting the way brands are being created. Personalized and complex makeup routines are now a thing, including the creation of innovative products. Products like Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay would not have made any waves in the past, but due to online and influencer marketing, the interest for different products for skin care has emerged making Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay one of the best and most reviewed product on Amazon.
 The skin care industry is changing, with over $465 million black shoppers spending in 2017, more and more changes are expected to be felt as a great demographic shift is occurring. More women want personalized care, and they won’t make up that will provide a solution to hyperpigmentation and dark patches, including acne scarring.
Social media is changing the way people are buying today, as it allows more inclusivity and more range of products to be seen. A lot of blogs, vlogs, and training videos are also available for people to watch. There is now so much more social and web content that provides a better analysis of the skin care and cosmetics industry.
In the near future, consumers opt for tailored skin care products, and would naturally seek more influencers who speak with authenticity to tell them what product to use.

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