Diabetes and an Overview on Current Stem Cells Therapy Solutions

By 2035 there is an estimated 600 million people who will suffer from Diabetes if no proper cure is found. Currently there are already 400 million living with Diabetes.

If left untreated diabetes can lead to kidney failure, nerve damage, vision loss, heart disease, and death.

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes happens when the body can no longer regulate glucose in the blood. The insulin levels in the body becomes affected and this leads to the different symptoms that a person feels when they have diabetes.

Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes

In type 1 Diabetes, a person’s immune system attacks the beta cells in their pancreas. This leads to the destruction of the beta cells that produce the insulin, when this happens the body is unable to function properly due to high sugar levels in the blood and this is what will cause the damage in the kidneys, eyes, nervous system and other organs.

Type 2 Diabetes or Adult Onset Diabetes

This type of Diabetes happens when the cells in the body become resistant to insulin. The body is no longer responding to signals that insulin is sending out. People with this type of diabetes often suffer from high sugar blood levels that lead to serious damage in the bodily system.

Current treatment for Diabetes

Diabetes patients are given insulin to help in the processing of sugar in the body. Diabetic patients are advised to monitor their blood sugar level and to lessen their sugar intake. Diet and exercise are also highly advised for patients with Diabetes Type 2, but they will eventually have to take insulin as part of their lifetime medication.

In 1999, several hundred people with type 1 Diabetes underwent what they would call us islet transplants, and many of the people who got the transplant stopped taking insulin for a few months and some for several years. However, after 4 years or more the patients were required to take insulin again as they were not able to fully recover. Transplants like this also do nothing for Type 2 Diabetes patients which is why it did not become a popular solution for Diabetes patients.

Stem Cell Therapy and Diabetes

Because of the inability of transplants to cure diabetes, doctors and medical researchers are now focused on Stem cell therapy treatments. Top clinics in California like Feeling Good At Any Age The One-Stop Rejuvenation Center or FGAAA with CEO Lourdes Duque Baron are investing heavily on studying the effects of stem cell therapy to various diseases including that of Diabetes.

The study of stem cells is helping humanity explore the intricacy of our human body. Because of the study of stem cells doctors are able to understand how the body processes sugar and the root causes of diabetes.

Study of stem cells allow researchers to understand why the immune system attacks the beta cells and not other cells in the pancreas when a person has diabetes. Stem cell research is also giving an understanding on why type 2 diabetes patients suddenly suffer from resistant to insulin.

Advancement in Stem Cell Therapy

Currently, stem cells are used to create new cell culture and animal models of diabetes. Skin cells from people with diabetes are reprogrammed into induced pluripotent stem cells that have the ability to make any cells type in the body destroy beta cells in type 1 Diabetes. Researchers are studying immune cells closely in a culture dish. The idea is to track down the disease from the early stage and pick up where diabetes occurs and how it happens.

What is the potential for stem cells to treat diabetes?

Stem cell therapy has come a long way, it has already treated a lot of diseases including HIV. The answer for diabetes is getting closer, and one day sooner than expected researchers will find the ultimate effective stem-cell based treatment. The key can be found on cell regeneration and the solutions can lie on making beta cells from embryonic stem cells. Stem cell research relieves heavily on the human body’s ability to renew itself. In the near future, doctors can transplant stem cells in the body of diabetic patients or develop capsules that can pass through the immune system.

A number of clinical trials are being done, each of these clinical trials bring hope. Some clinics make use of mesenchymal stem cells taken from the bone marrow to reset the immune system of people with diabetes. Further research is still needed, but with the help of stem cell breakthroughts humanity is getting closer to solving Diabetes.

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