Cryptocurrency platform endorsed by Tony Robbins now in the Philippines

Cryptocurrency and the talk of bitcoins and another profitable type of digital money is no longer a new topic in the country. However, due to the complexity of how it works, a lot of people still don’t understand the process of how to acquire cryptocurrencies let alone invest.

This is not something new because Filipinos are just being introduced to the concept of investing. A lot of Filipinos have yet to learn how to truly save their money and make it grow in a way that is truly profitable for them.  For this reason,  the experts in Cryptocurrencies have devised an easier way for people to invest in digital currencies and created a new platform called NewTycoon Plus to make it easier for anyone in the world to invest and grow their digital currency.

What is Success Resources?


Success Resources is a part of a global business that supports individuals, enterprises, and organizations in Asia, UK and Europe.

The speakers that Success Resources invite to deliver value for their programs would include Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Barson, T. Harv Eker and Nick Vujicic.

Success Resources has launched the Cryptocurrency Investor Summit that brought together cryptocurrency experts and providers in one single stage. And they go with one motto which is Innovate or Die.

If you have several questions about cryptocurrency and want to learn more then this is the right platform to be in.
Know what is Cryptocurrency, is it actually profitable? What if there is a bubble waiting to burst? how are cryptocurrencies going to be used? and what are the potential synergy with the current and legacy systems in place?

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital money system designed to make transactions extremely secure by using cryptography. Bitcoin is the first well-known currency that is now considered valuable in many parts of the world. Its rise in popularity and use has made Bitcoins a legitimate currency to use for product exchange and it continues to grow in value as more users recognize its purchasing power.

What is New Tycoon Plus?

NT+ is a Success Resources community that connects like-minded people who are devoted to lifelong learning.

NT+ is a Success Resources community to connect like-minded people who share a passion and desire for lifelong learning. It is a supportive global community that champions education that extends beyond the confines of the classroom education that creates life-changing, impact-driven outcomes. It advocates and facilitates real-world skill development with an application as well as an opportunity to earn an income while pursuing success and happiness.

What does New Tycoon  Plus offer?

New Tycoon Plus wants members to conveniently buy cryptocurrency Mining power or (MP) from their mining hardware that is placed in their own mining farms. Members who don’t want to feel the hassle of setting up their own mining machines can just invest and lease back their MP to NT+. One Mining Power is measured as mining capacity for a period of 7 months,  it will expire after 7 months. Cryptocurrency mining is complex, it is not the easiest thing in the world to understand, not to mention it is time-consuming. For this reason, using an easy to understand platform like New Tycoon Plus is a solution for people who are looking into understanding cryptocurrencies.

How much will it cost you to join?

Starting from 15th of March 2018, they will charge a USD 50 registration fee for creating new NT+ accounts to mitigate fraudulent registrations. However, the registration fee will be used towards your first MP purchase. E.g. When you purchase 12MP, you will only need to pay USD 1150 instead of USD 1200.

As a new member, once you Purchase MP, what happens to your money between now and March?

Passive income for direct referral only begins on March 1st when the Cryptocurrency Mining Farm begins operation. No passive earning is accrued to MP for sales before March. There is a considerable delay between ordering the mining machines from the manufacturer, and the delivery and installation of the machines. You are ensuring your place to leverage on the mining capacity when it goes into operation. Allocation of this capacity is on a first come first served basis.

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How will you earn?

Each NT+ account has two types of earning:

1) Active Income is for direct sales of NT+ MP. Your NT+ account is immediately eligible for Active Income (direct sales) on the 1st level of your NT+ account. If you would like to expand your active income earnings for more than one level, you can check with the person who introduced NT+ to you.

2) Passive Income is a 6%* pay-out per month for 7 months for a total of 42%. At the end of the 7th month, NT+ buys back your MP and pays you 100% of your initial purchase. Passive Income will only start on 1st March 2018. In addition, you are not required to do so but can choose to top up additional Mining Power in increments of 100USD in cash. Any paid top up amounts will start earning Passive Income one month from the top update.

The amount of available MP for purchase customers will be determined by the existing capacity of their mining machines.


What coins are they mining?

At the present moment, the cryptocurrency that they will mine is Bitcoin, but this can change depending on market conditions, as they will adjust if needed, for better results.

How much transparency will they offer on the returns and how will New Tycoon Plus communicate it? Will the returns be fixed or variable?

NT+ is not an investment and does not generate returns. It is a membership and not a financial instrument. You purchase mining power and then lease the MP back to NT+ at a fixed rate per month. We do give you 6.00%* of the value of your initial MP per month for 7 months, and return 100% of your initial purchase at the end of the 7 months in Bitcoin.

Will they provide you with your own E-Wallet platform?

NT+ back office will provide you a wallet enabling you to trace the details of your earnings. This wallet is a separate wallet from your Bitcoin Wallet. Cash out or withdrawals can be made to your chosen bitcoin wallet.

What are the withdrawal options?

For Active Earnings, you can choose Bitcoin or USD (PayPal, Bank Transfer, or i-Payout) as your withdrawal method. For Passive Earnings, you can only withdraw in Bitcoins. Minimum withdrawal amount is (Bitcoin equivalent to) USD100.

 How to sign up and learn more:

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